Ribbon Work

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What do we mean by ribbon work?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word ribbon-work. Define ribbon-work, ribbon-work synonyms, ribbon-work pronunciation, ribbon-work translation, English dictionary definition of ribbon-work.

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The word "ribbon-work" in example sentences

Mrs Bray presented a ribbon-work cushion; Dr Smalley, some of the jam-spoons; Andrew, a bread-fork; and Mr J. Sorrel, great-uncle of the bride, a silver cream-jug; while Mr Claude (alias "Dora") Eweword kept himself in mind by an afternoon tea-set. ❋ Miles Franklin (1916)

Ever afterwards it was associated in her mind with the story of _Cranford_, which was being read aloud, and the very sight of ribbon-work would recall Miss Matty or the other quaint inhabitants of the old-world village. ❋ Angela Brazil (1907)

Marjorie was embroidering a nightdress case in ribbon-work. ❋ Angela Brazil (1907)

Various lists from which one may choose are given at the end of this chapter; but special comment may be made on those most suitable for bedding, and in its modification in ribbon-work and sub-tropical massing. ❋ Unknown (1906)

Florrie Elder is going to have a blue drawing-room, and Marie is working her a cushion of the most ex-quisite ribbon-work you ever did see. ❋ George De Horne Vaizey (1887)

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What does ribbon work mean?

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