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What do we mean by rid of?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word rid-of. Define rid-of, rid-of synonyms, rid-of pronunciation, rid-of translation, English dictionary definition of rid-of.

An acronym used in most 12-step programs to describe Restless, Irritable, discontent; 3 major emotions that trigger an addictive personality to relapse. Urban Dictionary

A fairly knowledgeable RuneScape player, now seen mostly on FunOrb and mainly on Arcanists 14. Urban Dictionary

Do away Urban Dictionary

Diarhea, runs or trots. Your body is getting rid of shit. Urban Dictionary

A product from Pfizer, used to remove crabs from your pubic area. Urban Dictionary

Slang for ritalin, an amphetamine widely available to highschool students. Urban Dictionary

Someone who talks about random ass things that never happened before Urban Dictionary

A young girl who is definitely gonna be a dime when she's older. (Rack in development) Urban Dictionary

A hot sexy beast....... Urban Dictionary

Acronym for "racial identification disorder". When a person identifies and acts like a race they aren't. Urban Dictionary

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The word "rid-of" in example sentences

No [surprise] [the mailman] [relapsed] he was full of RID. Boy is he ridful. ❋ Ebby Thatcher (2020)

I just [versed] Rid in a team [game on] [Arcanists]. ❋ Lambent0 (2011)

[get rid off] ❋ Ruiter (2003)

"I've [had to] change my [underwear] [three times] today due to rids". ❋ Matthew Burk (2005)

I went and bought some of that Rid to [shampoo] them [crabs] [outta] my shit. ❋ Bill (2004)

I [railed] [a few] rid and was [ready] to go! ❋ Sec_8 (2006)

boy 1 "rid"- yeah so what if you did well at [your bake] sale...one time [carson palmer] had a bakesale and he sucked so he ended up playing hockey with [martin brodeur] and got a scolarship to Oxford" boy 2- What the hell man, you're such a rid ❋ Jadd (2007)

"Did you see his [little sister]?" "[Yeah], she's a [total] RID." ❋ Hunwilbah (2017)

"[oh] rids [i want] to have your [babies]" ❋ Jebus (2004)

if a [white girl] speaks with a mexican accent and [dresses] like a [chica], she has RID. ❋ Laquanda123 (2009)

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What does rid of mean?

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