Definitions and meanings of "Rights"

What do we mean by rights?

That which complies with justice, law or reason.

A legal, just or moral entitlement.

The right side or direction.

The right hand or fist.

The ensemble of right-wing political parties; political conservatives as a group.

The outward or most finished surface, as of a coin, piece of cloth, a carpet, etc.

A wave breaking from right to left (viewed from the shore).

Used in the North East of England, in place of the phrase: "damn right!"  Urban Dictionary

Same as strites. A word meaning yes or ofcourse.  Urban Dictionary

Dam skippy nigga,used mainly by skaters blacks and a few asain too, often by police in drug raids  Urban Dictionary

When someone is standing really uncomfortably close to you as to almost be really close to your boobs, or to be oggling them.  Urban Dictionary

Common phrase used when someone is pretending that they are listening to you but they really don't care about any of the words that are coming out of your mouth.  Urban Dictionary

Actually from the movie clockwork orange  Urban Dictionary

Confirmation that one should go right  Urban Dictionary

A common way of starting a story when changing the subject  Urban Dictionary

Listening, but not listening, blah blah blah.........Thinking to yourself...." Lying ass, would this motha fucka shut up for a fuckin minute". ( see Serious ? )  Urban Dictionary

An expression which adds a positive emphasis to an idea. It can mean "cool" or "fantastic" or "you-got-it". Very popular in the '70's when Isaac Hayes hit record "Shaft" used the expression in its lyrics.  Urban Dictionary

The word "rights" in example sentences

How to use rights in a sentence? Example sentences with the rights, a sentence example for rights, and how to make rights in sample sentence, how do I use the word rights in a sentence? How do you spell rights in a sentence?

This isn't even a civil rights issue, it's a * human rights* issue. ❋ Unknown (2008)

_Incorporeal_ hereditaments are inheritable rights which grow out of corporeal inheritances, or which consist in their enjoyment; as the right of pasturing a common; a right of passage over the land of another; a right to the use of waters, sometimes called _aquatic rights_, &c. ❋ Andrew W. Young (N/A)

Add to this "the right of peaceably assembling" violently wrested -- the rights of minorities, _rights_ no longer -- free speech struck dumb -- free _men_ outlawed and murdered -- free presses cast into the streets and their fragments strewed with shoutings, or flourished in triumph before the gaze of approving crowds as proud members of prostrate law! ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

But if, like a legislative act, it confers actual rights on the slaves, whether they are able to secure them in fact or not, then those _rights_ are not lost, though the law cease to exist. ❋ Various (N/A)

For rights are _rights_; God's are no more -- man's are no less. ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

Added to this "the right of peaceably assembling" violently wrested -- the rights of minorities, _rights_ no longer -- free speech struck dumb -- free _men_ outlawed and murdered -- free presses cast into the streets and their fragments strewed with shoutings, or flourished in triumph before the gaze of approving crowds as proud mementos of prostrate law! ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

They are all based upon the assumption that man has the right to decide what are the rights, to point out the duties, and to fix the boundaries of woman's sphere; which, taking for true, our cherished theory of government, to wit: the _inalienability and equality of human rights_ can hardly be characterized by a milder term than that of an impudent and oppressive usurpation. ❋ Matilda Joslyn Gage (1863)

Give us our rights by all means, but _rights are not habits_, and it's habits we want -- good habits. ❋ Samuel Smiles (1858)

One chief agency of law as to rights is exercised in limiting * natural rights*. ❋ Unknown (1852)

Nature, the civil compact is, in conscience, dissolved, and all the rights of nature return; that, in civil society, the _rights and the duties go hand in hand_, and that, when the former are taken away, the latter cease to exist. ❋ William Cobbett (1799)

Put an end to all forms of discrimination and repression against human rights defenders or their organisations and adopt, with the utmost urgency, every possible step to effectively help non-governmental human rights organisations to function freely in the promotion and protection of fundamental human rights**. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The NAACP's long history suggests a wide variety of topics, including: interracial organizing women's leadership; the anti-lynching campaign; the fight against school segregation; literary contributions by NAACP figures; the relationship between local branches and the national office; conflict and cooperation with other civil rights groups in the 1950s and 1960s; civil rights work in the post-civil rights� era (1970s-present); interracial marriage; relationship to the American Left; connection to other minority communities and rights movements (feminism, gay rights, Chicano movement, etc.); legal approaches vs. direct protest; interaction with the black church; regional comparisons: North, South, Midwest, West; reflections on the 2008 Presidential campaign and election. ❋ Dan Ernst (2008)

And we must use the� strength of this women’s commission and the strength� of the United Nations to end that war, to end the war� against the civil rights of women and the human rights� of women, and our children and people everywhere. ❋ Jewish Women's Archive (2010)

1. Person A: Want a beer? [Person B]: [Aye], rights [I do]!! ❋ MichaelToTheJ (2007)

" [Clubbing] [tonight]? " " [Rights]! " ❋ Ridlarh (2007)

When i [hid] the weed from [the cop],i exersized [my rights]. ❋ DerekStahl (2008)

i was [talkin] to this dude and he was [all up] in [my rights] ❋ Picklefish (2003)

"I just bought these [brand new] shoes this weekend. Aren't they [dope vader]?" "[Right right right]." ❋ J Kerns (2008)

"[do you agree]?" "right right" ❋ Nos (2004)

[Hey] its right right. ❋ Mr Meraz (2012)

girl 1: [Right right]! You never guess what happened the other day? Boy 1: *[sigh]* what? Girls 1: *[giggle]* well right, I was walking down the street right? ❋ Buzzybee12354 (2016)

[Jaime]: Yeah I bet you I get more skins than [Barney] Joe: [Right Right]! ❋ Rule 3 (2005)

"[Right-on], [brother]." ❋ Mamashaina46 (2008)

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