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Definitions of "rinser"

  • One who, or that which, rinses. noun
  • One who, or that which, rinses. noun
  • One who or that which rinses. noun

The word "rinser" in example sentences

"Big op" to Anthony for being our pizza dough chef, our tie-dye timer and rinser, and all-around awesome support.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

Tupperware produce berry rinser washer strainer EUC. [Euc Tupperware | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

I recall being a plate rinser when I came to the states and my cousin finally attempted cursing me out but it was really just an innate practice coming from lag. so not necessarily anything against you.. [House Guest]

This can be a time-consuming job, repeatedly rinsing till all traces of bubbles have gone, and the semi-automatic rinser shown below can speed up the process (Figure 5-3).. [5 Production, re-use and re-cycling of packaging]

The dominant American pop mode is something you might now call Euro&B: a clubby, trancy distillation of US urban music put through a Scandinavian rinser.. [The Guardian World News]

Pendant que l'oignon et l'ail sont mis à frire, rinser le riz jusqu'à ce que l'eau devienne claire.. [Rosa's Yummy Yums]

Those on draft are dispensed through three imported European beer towers, each with a unique glass rinser at the base.. []

I wanted something un-boring, a wine I could put in my glass not to act as a thoughtless brain-rinser or to go with dinner, but to sip and feel engaged by.. [Life and style | guardian.co.uk]

Federal inspectors had some concerns about what they found at the plant, including questions about the plant's air rinser, used to clean uncapped cans before they are filled with soda.. [SplicedFeed]

And Millie is close, with her rinser, her vacuum-cleaner, her masked face.. [Peter Englunds blogg]

* Cap Feeder CF2024 with a Hepa filter blow off system, backwards cap reject device, cap air rinser and bulk cap dumper / tipper.. [Packaging and Converting Essentials]

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perrin & rowe ionian > kitchen tap with white levers & rinser (pewter). - only £559 at Taps4Less with free delivery…


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@evening_cawfee: someone asked me once if we saved the milk that’s poured down the pitcher rinser after steaming drinks???? the fuck


someone asked me once if we saved the milk that’s poured down the pitcher rinser after steaming drinks???? the fuck

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