Character 5
Hyphenation risk y
Pronunciations /ˈɹɪski/

Definitions and meanings of "Risky"

What do we mean by risky?

Accompanied by or involving risk or danger; hazardous. adjective

Attended with risk; hazardous; dangerous: as, a very risky business.

Running a risk; venturesome; bold; audacious.

Attended with risk or danger; hazardous. adjective

Dangerous, involving risks. adjective

Involving risk or danger adjective

Not financially safe or secure adjective

Dangerous, involving risks.

A cheap immitation version of the Britney Spears Curious perfume. Urban Dictionary

A volatile cocktail comprising of equal measures of rum, gin and whisky... drink with extreme caution Urban Dictionary

Usually a name given to a dumb ass horse. Urban Dictionary

A suspicious act, person, place, or thing; girls who are easy Urban Dictionary

A group of girls who age you are unsure of. They could be underage but they could be legal. Urban Dictionary


1. To be denied sex because of your girlfriend's pussy troll 2. The act of self-defense after being ruined by blaming it on another person. 3. To be made fun of after admitting your an animeholic. Urban Dictionary

A Ghanaian poet and art curator associated with the Deadbeat Conglomerate. Urban Dictionary

This is an emergency Urban Dictionary

A message you spent the whole day thinking about how you're going to type it then you can't get yourself to press send. after you press send you feel the urge to smash your phone or shoot yourself. Urban Dictionary

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The word "risky" in example sentences

The philosopher of science Karl Popper coined the term risky prediction to describe the process by which scientists verify untested theories. ❋ Siddhartha Mukherjee (2010)

Mr. Grantham expects blue chips to outperform what he calls "risky, junky companies" by a wide margin in the long run—but not until the Fed finally takes steps to raise interest rates. ❋ Jason Zweig (2011)

Andrew Cuomo said New York would have power sources to replace what he calls risky nuclear reactors at the Indian Point power plant, the governor's office backtracked from claims there would soon be 3,000 megawatts of power production available. ❋ Devlin Barrett (2011)

Now, the reality is that, dating back to the Democratic primaries, Obama talked often about his opponents using what he called his risky traits against him. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Now, the reality is that dating back to the Democratic primaries, Obama talked often about his opponents using what he called his risky trace against him. ❋ Unknown (2008)

And he had proved them at what he called the risky game. ❋ Richard Dehan (1897)

The report largely focused on what it described as risky loans to homeowners who later could not afford either the adjustable mortgage rates or the principle. ❋ Jack Torry (2010)

She says her performance landed her in the middle of the group, which she classifies as a risky place for a contestant. ❋ Alicia Rancilio (2010)

McCourt bought the Dodgers in what he called a risky deal for about $430 million, a majority of which was funded with loans that needed to be refinanced within two years. ❋ Unknown (2010)

With chutzpah pouring out of his every pore, Obama announced support for restrictions on what he defines as risky bank activities "that are central to the legislation that has passed the House under the leadership of Chairman Barney Frank, and that we're working to pass in the Senate under the leadership of Chairman Chris Dodd." ❋ Unknown (2010)

Mayor Tish said he's against giving $2 million in tax subsidies to what he calls a risky project.

The Dacuses said the book promotes and normalizes homosexuality, which they characterized as a risky lifestyle. ❋ Unknown (2008)

If you are gay, have regularly been tested for HIV and know that you have not engaged in risky behaviors, you CAN donate blood ... nothing prevents you from the “white” lie of denying you are gay to the blood collector ... they have no way of checking. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But her reported nomination reminds me somewhat of the Souter pick: Her views on the law and the role of courts in society are largely unknown, making her selection quite risky from the perspective of persons interested in moving the Court to the left (especially considering her youngage). ❋ Unknown (2010)

I went to [walmart] today and bought [a bottle] of [Risky], so I can smell like a skank too ❋ Skanque (2005)

"drinking risky can have extreme consequences for the [liver] and other [vital] [organs]" ❋ Derf123 (2008)

that [retard] risky needs to be [beaten] with a [crutch]. ❋ Stupidhorse1 (2009)

[Usher] is [risky]. [White girls] are hella risky. ❋ Wileout (2004)

Nick: "Yo, we should [holla] at those girls." Rob: "[I don't know man], those look like [risky's] to me." ❋ Drikdiggler9969 (2009)


1. "Dude, Nathan got riskied tonight." "[PILLOW PANTS]....[YOWZA]!" 2. "Hi everyone. I'm a [gay virgin]." "Dude, I can't believe you said that." "I was just kidding...my brother wanted me to say that." 3. "I love pokemon and anime, but I don't want to tell anyone because I'm afraid I'll get riskied" ❋ TacoPaco (2007)

[Shout out] to Risky! ❋ DomTheDemon (2019)

[Chae]: [Risky Risky Wiggy Wigi] This is an Emergency [Dubu]: Help me, Help me Somebody Help me ‘cause I know I Can’t Stop Me ❋ Boo’sEomma (2020)

[oh shit] [I should] not have [sent] that risky text ❋ Vapegod420 (2015)

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