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Definitions of "roman"

  • A narrative poem or a prose tale in medieval French literature. noun
  • A novel. noun
  • Of or pertaining to ancient or modern Rome, or the people, institutions, or characteristics of Rome.
  • Hence Having some attribute deemed especially characteristic of the ancient Romans; noble; distinguished; brave; hardy; patriotic; stern.
  • Pertaining to Rome ecclesiastically; of or pertaining to the Church of Rome; papal.
  • [lowercase or cap.] Noting a form of letter or type of which the text of this book is an example.
  • Synonyms Roman, Latin. Roman naturally applies to that which is especially associated or connected with the city, Rome; Latin to that which similarly belongs to the district, Latium. Hence, we speak of Roman power, fortitude, administration; the Roman church; the Latin language. Nearly all the use of Latin has grown out of its application to the language: as, Latin grammar; a Latin idiom; the Latin Church. The words are not interchangeable.
  • A native or an inhabitant of Rome, the capital of Italy, and chief city of the ancient Roman empire. noun
  • A person enjoying the freedom or citizenship of ancient Rome. noun
  • A member or an adherent of the Church of Rome; a Romanist. noun
  • [lowercase] A roman letter or type, in distinction from an italic. noun
  • Of or pertaining to Rome, or the Roman people; like or characteristic of Rome, the Roman people, or things done by Romans. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the Roman Catholic religion; professing that religion. adjective
  • adjective
  • Upright; erect; -- said of the letters or kind of type ordinarily used, as distinguished from Italic characters. adjective
  • Expressed in letters, not in figures, as I., IV., i., iv., etc.; -- said of numerals, as distinguished from the Arabic numerals, 1, 4, etc. adjective
  • a cubical potassium alum formerly obtained in large quantities from Italian alunite, and highly valued by dyers on account of its freedom from iron. adjective
  • a form of balance nearly resembling the modern steelyard. See the Note under Balance, n., 1. adjective
  • a kind of firework (generally held in the hand), characterized by the continued emission of shower of sparks, and the ejection, at intervals, of brilliant balls or stars of fire which are thrown upward as they become ignited. adjective

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