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Definitions of "romantic"

  • Of, relating to, or characteristic of romance. adjective
  • Given to thoughts or feelings of romance. See Synonyms at sentimental. adjective
  • Displaying, expressive of, or conducive to love: a romantic atmosphere. adjective
  • Imaginative but impractical; visionary: romantic notions. adjective
  • Not based on fact; imaginary or fictitious: His memoirs were criticized as a romantic view of the past. adjective
  • Of or characteristic of romanticism in the arts. adjective
  • A romantic person. noun
  • A follower or adherent of romanticism. noun
  • A person with romantic character noun
  • A person who is behaving romantically noun
  • Of or pertaining to romance; involving or resembling romance; hence, fanciful; marvelous; extravagant; unreal adjective
  • Entertaining ideas and expectations suited to a romance adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the style of the Christian and popular literature of the Middle Ages, as opposed to the classical antique; of the nature of, or appropriate to, that style. adjective
  • Characterized by strangeness or variety; suggestive of adventure; suited to romance; wild; picturesque; -- applied to scenery. adjective
  • Pertaining to or resembling romance, or an ideal state of things; partaking of the heroic, the marvelous, the supernatural, or the imaginative; chimerical; fanciful; extravagantly enthusiastic: as, romantic notions; romantic expectations; romantic devotion.
  • Pertaining to romances or the popular literature of the middle ages; hence, improbable; fabulous; fictitious.
  • Wildly or impressively picturesque; characterized by poetic or inspiring scenery; suggesting thoughts of romance: as, a romantic prospect; a romantic glen.
  • In music, noting a style, work, or musician characterized by less attention to the formal and objective methods of composition than to the expression of subjective feeling; sentimental; imaginative; passionate: opposed to classical.
  • Romantic in music, as elsewhere, is a relative word; it denotes especially the style, tendency, or school represented by Von Weber, Schumann, Chopin, Wagner, and others, and by certain works or characteristics of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, and Schubert.

The word "romantic" in example sentences

The term romantic is here used in a technical sense; that is, to distinguish the Shakespearian from the Classic Drama.. [Shakespeare His Life Art And Characters]

But as Steve Chapman writes, the truth is that the term romantic boys is not an oxymoron.. [Reason Magazine]

Your next film is "Nan Jing East Road," which you describe as a romantic comedy set against the backdrop of Taiwan's economic boom in the 1980s.. [From Taipei With Love]

Eros was akin to what we call romantic love; philia was mutual likeability, friendship.. [Terry Newell: Looking for Love in Public Life]

The English word romantic is derived from the Sanskrit word Ram, and Shri Ram saw only one thing when he closed his eyes: Sita Devi.. [Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar]

She also believes the word romantic is not appropriate.. [Female Prison Staff Offenders in Two-thirds of Sexual Assaults | Impact Lab]

"The San Francisco Examiner" this morning wrote an editorial lamenting what it called the romantic and religious baggage around marriage, and said we have to do away with it.. [CNN Transcript Mar 9, 2000]

They find it disquieting for any number of reasons and she was as a novelist what she call a romantic realist.. [Judgement Day: My Years with Ayn Rand]

A shy, usually silent, appreciation of the romantic is allied to a keen desire to probe the unknown.. [The Impact of the Jet in World Aviation]

Inspector; I know it is what you call the romantic stuff; but I think it would have impressed you if you had seen it.. [Tales of Chinatown]

They were spinsters; but Aurelia, the youngest, had made what she called a romantic marriage and what her sisters termed a mighty poor speculation.. [Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm]

Of those referred to above none is so objectionable as the tale of Cephalus and Procris, nor, on the other hand, is any one of them in any way related to what we call romantic love.. [Primitive Love and Love-Stories]

Of the imaginative, sentimental, esthetic, moral, altruistic, sympathetic, affectional symptoms of what we know as romantic love they do not give us the faintest hint.. [Primitive Love and Love-Stories]

And yet the essentials of what we call romantic love are so entirely absent from ancient Hindoo literature that such amorous symptoms as are noted therein can all be readily brought under the three heads of artificiality, sensuality, and selfishness.. [Primitive Love and Love-Stories]

The love of grand, wild scenery, for instance -- what we call romantic scenery -- is as modern as the romantic love of men and women.. [Primitive Love and Love-Stories]

Self-sacrifice, Sympathy, and Affection, are the essential ingredients in that very composite mental state, which we call romantic love.. [Primitive Love and Love-Stories]

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