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In a building, a room is any space enclosed within four walls to which entry is possible only by a door that connects it either to a passageway, to another room, or to the outdoors, that is large enough for several persons to move about, and whose size, fixtures, furnishings, and sometimes placement within the building support the activity to be conducted in it..

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Definitions of "rooms"

  • Plural form of room. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of room. verb
  • apartment consisting of a series of connected rooms used as a living unit (as in a hotel) noun

The word "rooms" in example sentences

In retrospect, one thing I wish is it had been possible for me to shoot that piece with a male subject, or that I had liked the title rooms with person: it's very hard to move photographs of women outside the question of gender, particularly when domestic space is involved, and to me gender was never the subject of the work.. [Archive 2007-07-01]

Chuck the thing about the hotels jacking up the rates for the rooms is a possibility, but mid-july is typically a dead time of year for conventions in vegas and the rooms can be had for a reasonable rate.. [San Diego Convention Center Plans $753 million Expansion in Bid to Keep Comic-Con | /Film]

Setting up the furniture and the rooms is the best part!. [Motherhood Ain't No Place for Control Freaks]

Only partially the organization of the rooms is a direct consequence of the rigid outer form.. [The Tsai Residence by HHF Architects & Ai Weiwei]

You can join "rooms" (groups) according to your interests.. [Why I like some social networks]

The order and cleanliness of the rooms is exemplary.. [Work Camp 10049 GW]

The main rooms are cleaned professionally on a weekly basis, but they are dirty and messy within hours after her departure.. [Good Housekeeping: Totally Slobtastic Slackermom Edition | Her Bad Mother]

The distinction between the "best rooms" and the family rooms is now very pronounced in much home building.. [Archive 2009-09-01]

The answer could be simply to have the District Court rent more rooms from the City, like it already does, and then use the dark rooms for other services and administration at a lower cost than renting space from private owners in other buildings that they presently are located in.. [Presiding Judge Pushes Back on City Council Proposal to Cut Size of Court « PubliCola]

I've been in rooms with him and Scorsese, and I just stay away.. [‘Book Of Eli’ Director Allen Hughes Calls Michael Jackson Incredible Actor Who Got ‘Too Weird And Freaky’ » MTV Movies Blog]

In no time at all they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders; because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.. [P.O.W. Network's Phonies Index]

And also help the programming staff put the panels in rooms appropriate to the size of the audience.. [julieandrews: Wiscon Programming Signups Up!]

What happened with - was that soft furnishings came in, and people began to get elegant fabrics in rooms like boudoirs and drawing rooms and living rooms and so on.. [Bryson's 'Short History' Of Household Objects]

You told me a convoluted story about four, six, maybe eight people all lying in rooms joined by a system of electrodes and wires to a great white shark.. [Nicole Krauss: Nicole Krauss On Writing 'Great House']

Perhaps the most innovative feature of all Cubi rooms is the custom lighting system.. [Hotels of the Future? The Qbic Hotel Offers a Cool and Futuristic Design for the Budget Conscious Traveler | Impact Lab]

These lights can be used in rooms with counters, in kitchens or even in your bedroom.. [Light Up Furniture : Inspired by a Sea Creature]

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  • Character5
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