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Definitions and meanings of "Rosebush"

What do we mean by rosebush?

A flowering rose shrub. noun

A shrub which bears roses, commonly of a bushy habit. noun

In Australia, a small tree of the anona family, Eupomatia laurina, yielding a soft, coarse-grained, yellowish-brown wood. noun

The bush or shrub which bears roses. noun

The shrub that roses grow on, a rose plant. noun

Any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses noun

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The word "rosebush" in example sentences

I want to know why the drafters of the Adult Use section think an industry that has never caused a single car accident or a single vomit-covered rosebush is being given more restrictions than the industry that causes these things weekly in Charlottesville: alcohol. ❋ Unknown (2003)

On each of the branches I put little tags with notes about cultivating our future love and marriage, I made him read each one before he planted the bush, Now our rosebush is a reminder of our love and how, with tenderness, nourishment, and care, it will continue to bloom and grow. ❋ David Arp (2004)

a rosebush could be a weed in a corn field, Queen Ann's Lace has a lovely fragrance ... ❋ Regina Doman (2008)

I thought about my bicycle, dropped beside the dead rosebush outside, imagined it was a rocket ship and somewhere there was a planet where you could eat when you wanted and everybody's hearing was perfect. ❋ Sheldon Lee Compton (2011)

We went around the back of the house, past a rosebush growing wildly up to the garden shed. ❋ Allison Pang (2011)

But there are those scary moments -- you feel something tugging at your shoulder, and you turn around and discover it's the rosebush. ❋ Nancy Ruhling (2011)

I, too, am a rosebush, and sometimes I forget that. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I was impressed - but not surprised - by the beautiful statement coming straight from your mother's heart, by her delightful vision of the rosebush with 2 little rosebuds 'scratching' you with their thorns, by her happy prospects of helping with plants, garden, paintings to lift up your spirit! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Objects in play: that rosebush, that Datsun, that Richard Serra sculpture. ❋ Jason Gay (2011)

They're cute, don't bite, and feast on the aphids on our otherwise neglected rosebush. ❋ Mary Alston Capps (2011)

You can set up in a blind, behind a tree, in a rosebush, wherever you can get good cover from a turkey's prying eyes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

When the girl is gone or passed out in their yard, beside their manicured rosebush? ❋ Amy Butcher (2011)

"This is a rosebush, your majesty," Rose's mother replies. ❋ Meghan Cox Gurdon (2011)

Having risen from the chair and smoothed her skirts, she approaches me with a look that I have not seen since I ripped up a rosebush at Hatfield when I was eight years old. ❋ Lucy Weston (2011)

The rosebush that my good friend gave me should bloom for years in my yard even though he is no longer with me. ❋ Unknown (2010)

[rosebush] ❋ Asdfghjklmnbvc (2011)

I was rosebushing [my girl] [last night]. ❋ Bhrae (2017)

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