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Hyphenation ro ta ted
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Definitions and meanings of "Rotated"

What do we mean by rotated?

To spin, turn, or revolve.

To advance through a sequence; to take turns.

(of aircraft) To lift the nose, just prior to takeoff.

To spin, turn, or revolve something.

To advance something through a sequence; to allocate or deploy in turns.

To replace older materials or to place older materials in front of newer ones so that older ones get used first.

To grow or plant (crops) in a certain order.

Someone with strong math skills. math= rotation of graphs... Urban Dictionary

The act of being so high on an illicit substance to the point where you can't help but spin your head around. Urban Dictionary

Move, move on, get out, party's over, fuck off, go away Urban Dictionary

To alternate bitches in a orderly fashion. Urban Dictionary

The order in which a group of people word blaze. The order in which the spliff is passed. Urban Dictionary

Rotation of people refers to said group of people taking turns or serving a particular purpose Urban Dictionary

The moment when the plane rotates from ground Urban Dictionary

The planned schedule in which a session of blazing takes place in Urban Dictionary

A word said by Swiss001 in his flight simulator videos. In taking off is were he would usually say it as the plane reaches rotation velocity. It is also used in other contexts, but, it is commonly heard in a Swiss001 video. Urban Dictionary

An oral sex musical chairs game. Another version of train. An equal number of girls and guys, 4 or more pairs line up in a circle with the guys back to back and the girls on their knees in front of the guys. Someone starts the music playing and the girls start to suck off the guys. When the music stops and restarts the girls go to the next guy in rotation and start sucking him. When a guy cums he is out of the game but the girls still continue the rotation each time the music stops and starts. The object of the game is for the guy to hold off cuming as long as possible, the last guy to cum is a winner and the girl that made the most guys cum is a winner. This was discussed on the Oprah Show. Urban Dictionary

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The word "rotated" in example sentences

See an interactive map of Liverpool's newest destinations Key to the city's rebirth is the exploitation of this year's Capital of Culture billing, an annual European Union title rotated around member countries. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I imagine a mark on the tubing the water will reach .... and it's rotated from a central point to various points on the walls. ❋ Unknown (2002)

The rotating coin is actually head down when it’s in the 12 o’ clock position (rotated from the 9′ o clock position. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It flew round the earth in the same time that the earth rotated, that is to say, the month and the day were of equal length. ❋ J. Arthur Thomson (1897)

Team Spain proposed a rotator for its Solar Decathon entry this year. (well, actually only the roof rotated, which isn't quite so much fun) Spain's Amazing Solar Powered House Rotates Roof to Catch Maximum Rays ❋ Unknown (2010)

By layering basic garments with up-to-the-minute accent pieces -- the colorful drippy scarf, the statement necklace, the vintage coin belt, the gumball sized agate earrings -- fashion folk can effectively camouflage the fact that the same few garments are being "rotated" week after week. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Germany is considering boosting troop numbers by 1,000 to about 4,500, but Mr Ischinger ruled out moving them from the more peaceful north emphasis added--so probably no need for Canadian troops "rotated" out of Kandahar, as Denis "The Thug" sort of seems to want. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The SANDF's contingent in the DRC is "rotated" every six months. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Early warning signs and risk areas for corruption - such as licensing, drugs and organised crime - had been identified, and personnel dealing with such matters could be "rotated". ❋ Unknown (1999)

Veterans like General Armstrong and even the gifted Hawthorne, were "rotated" without mercy from the offices which they held. ❋ Benjamin Perley Poore (1853)

Employes are "rotated," not because they are incapable or unfaithful, but because there are others who want their places. ❋ Orestes Augustus Brownson (1839)

Yorkshire seamer Ajmal Shahzad starred with the ball on Monday, looking far more purposeful than the struggling James Anderson whom Strauss insisted was "rotated" rather than dropped, and might well have taken more than two wickets but for a hamstring niggle. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Due to the omni-directional properties of the bass, the performance is not dependent upon orientation; therefore the unit can be 'rotated' as desired when positioned on the floor. ❋ Chris Davies (2010)

The three others left the Rangel probe last month when they were "rotated" off the 10-member Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. ❋ Unknown (2009)

After a timeout (or when full) the journal is "rotated", i.e. we create a new "tree" file containing all the info from the journal and a new empty journal. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Important point is not functionality but that message is "rotated". ❋ Unknown (2009)

Judges Teresa Sanders, Emmet Ronan and Helene Abrams all "rotated" onto family court or civil calendars to avoid the long, slow commute to Phoenix for themselves and their staffs. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"It's not the first time; we've kind of rotated back there since Montador came here and all eight guys have played. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[deep learning] vs crypto is a clear divide of rotators vs wordcels. the former offends [theorycel] aesthetic sensibilities but empirically works to produce absurd miracles. the latter is an insane series of nerd traps and sky high [abstraction] ladders yet mostly scams ❋ Frankie116 (2021)

"Damn, [Finlay] took so much [MDMA] last night, he was [rotating]" ❋ NotKrios (2021)

"[y'all] better rotate up on [outta] my [crib]" ❋ Edgar Friendly (2004)

Her [top game] was so good, I had to put her [back on] [rotation]. ❋ Your So Cool David Smith (2016)

Yo, if you're [hittin'] this [spliff] you [got to] be in the rotation. ❋ Porn Star (2003)

[Nba Youngboy] keeps all his [hoes] in [rotation] ❋ Thotiana-prada (2020)

[Co-pilot]:"[V1], Rotate" ❋ Da Plane Expert (2017)

yo [homie], dont [fuk] up da rotation, [biatch]! ❋ Jigga-nigga (2003)

‘Okay [gamers], [it’s time] to [rotatate]’ ❋ BilobTeaBaggins (2019)

Carol said she won by [rotating] 9 guys and got 3 off. James [shot his load] on the first rotation but Gary won by holding off until last. Reference the [Oprah] Show. train ❋ Ducky (2004)

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