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Definitions of "rotation"

  • The act or process of turning around a center or an axis: the axial rotation of the earth. noun
  • A single complete cycle of such motion. noun
  • Mathematics A transformation of a coordinate system in which the new axes have a specified angular displacement from their original position while the origin remains fixed. noun
  • Regular and uniform variation in a sequence or series: a rotation of personnel; crop rotation. noun
  • Games An order of shooting balls in billiards in which the ball with the lowest number on the table is always pocketed first. noun
  • The act of turning around a centre or an axis. noun
  • A single complete cycle around a centre or an axis. noun
  • A regular variation in a sequence. noun
  • An isometry that fixes precisely one point. noun
  • The set of starting pitchers of a team. noun
  • The step during takeoff when the pilot commands the vehicle to lift the nose wheel off the ground during the takeoff roll. noun
  • Pertaining to, or resulting from, rotation; of the nature of, or characterized by, rotation. adjective
  • The act of turning, as a wheel or a solid body on its axis, as distinguished from the progressive motion of a revolving round another body or a distant point; thus, the daily turning of the earth on its axis is a rotation; its annual motion round the sun is a revolution. noun
  • Any return or succesion in a series. noun
  • The act of rotating or turning, or the state of being whirled round; the continuous motion of a solid body, as a wheel or sphere, about an axis, its opposite sides moving relatively to one another, as distinguished from the forward motion of the whole body in a circle or an ellipse independent of any relative motion of its parts, as that of the planets. noun
  • A peculiar spiral movement of fluids observed within the cavity of certain vegetable cells, as in Chara and Vallisneria. See below. noun
  • Serial or recurrent order; a round or sequence of one after another; a fixed or definite routine of succession; regularly recurring change. noun
  • In forestry, the period represented by the age of a forest, or a part of a forest, at the time when it is cut, or intended to be cut. noun
  • a planned recurrent sequence (of crops or personnel etc.) noun

The word "rotation" in example sentences

My longest item in rotation is probably roast chicken with lemon and garlic.. [Repetoire]

By the term rotation in office, then, we mean an obligation on the holder of that office to go out at a certain period.. [Memoir, Correspondence, And Miscellanies, From The Papers Of Thomas Jefferson, Volume 2]

St. Louis: With postseason heroes RHPs Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver free agents, the rotation is the Cardinals 'top priority.. [National League outlooks for 2007]

The situation with the rotation is a growing concern for Brenly and pitching coach Chuck Kniffin.. [ - National League West]

Chan Ho Park, Dave Burba and Ismael Valdes, the rotation is a weak spot until proven otherwise.. [ - AL West preview]

Yankees know their rotation is their vulnerable area.. [Phils hope to reverse image]

The Brewers are all right in their bullpen, but their rotation is a question mark - as it has been all season.. [Watered down races]

The bullpen - with Rick Aguilera getting set up by Greg Swindell and Mike Trombley - has been an asset, but the rotation is a bust after Brad Radke and Bob Tewksbury.. [Trade talks heat up before deadline]

The receiving rotation is up for grabs, with on-campus newcomers Aaron Pflugrad and George Bell possibly taking starting spots if returnees such as Gerell Robinson don't step up.. [Arizona State - Team Notes]

Angels manager Mike Scioscia says this year's rotation is the deepest he's had in 10 years in Anaheim, and he's sending starter Ervin Santana to the bullpen for the first round.. [What to watch for in Red Sox-Angels series]

But the Giants 'rotation is nearly as impressive, and it's the reason they might be a good sleeper pick (again, assuming they get in).. [The surprising San Francisco Giants]

I would think as the bullet departed the barrel it would slow in rotation somewhat.. [best caliber for 600+ yard shots]

This work has long been in rotation in my most-listened-to recordings of Glass; I find it at once challenging, awe-inspiring and deeply engrossing.. [Shambhala SunSpace » 2009 » February]

The fellow will attend and make presentations in rotation at all teaching conferences.. [Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship]

To maximize the learning experience, the fellow on the inpatient rotation is responsible for directing the clinical seminars so that they reflect active patient care issues.. [Neonatal-perinatal Fellowship]

This dynamic rotation is based at the nation's largest healthcare facilities — either the Princess Marina Hospital (PMH) in Botswana's capital city of Gaborone or Nyangabgwe Referral Hospital (NRH) in the “capital of the North,” Francistown.. [Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone, Botswana]

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  • Character8
  • Hyphenation ro ta tion


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