Roughing In

Character 11
Hyphenation rough ing-in
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Roughing In"

What do we mean by roughing in?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word roughing-in. Define roughing-in, roughing-in synonyms, roughing-in pronunciation, roughing-in translation, English dictionary definition of roughing-in.

A term used to describe some form of hard living. Like sleeping in a tent at muddy festival grounds. Urban Dictionary

To steal or rob. Punked (See punk or punked for definition of punk) Urban Dictionary

When it really sucks! And maybe you can't do anything about it. Also, a way of showing compassion for another in an unlucky circumstance. Urban Dictionary

A word used to describe wild, hard screwing. Urban Dictionary

Not looking your best. Appearing like you just got out of bed or got hit with a frying pan. Urban Dictionary

Just the way your mother likes it. Urban Dictionary

Means dirty or hardened Urban Dictionary

Rough can have a variety of meanings - In London 'rough' has come to mean cool or brilliant - In Private schools 'rough' has been used by boys to desribe girls looking mingin although girls use it to. - Rough can be a reaction to an unfair decision - When someone makes sexually advances when you dont want it can be described as them trying to get rough with you. Urban Dictionary

English slang, ugly. Urban Dictionary

A term commonly used by a beta named Ellis, it is used to make the person on the receiving end sad however it makes 'Ellis' look the retard Urban Dictionary

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The word "roughing-in" in example sentences

The resulting digital file was used by the architects to adjust the geometric design in Rhino, while the contractor was at work installing utilities and roughing-in systems. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Once the block walls start going up, they'll start work on roughing-in the plumbing. " ❋ Unknown (2008)

I was roughing it the last time I attended [Glastonbury]. [The mud] was [up to my ears]. ❋ Muzik (2007)

[That dude] straight roughed you for your [parking space] [dog]. ❋ Ron John Bored At Work (2007)

Man, I'm sorry.. That' [Rough] or.. Joe: What's up with you? Tom: I have mad [blueballs], this chick never puts out. Joe: That's Rough! Tom: Man, you don't know what Rough is! I'm 30 and still [a virgin]. Joe: WTF? Really? That's Rough! ❋ Fine How About This One (2012)

She [LOVES] [rough sex]. ❋ S (2004)

I [looked] so [rough] [freshmen year], what was I thinking? ❋ Fish3904 (2013)

[Your mother] [likes] it rough. ❋ Whatsername99 (2008)

that [boy] is rough ❋ Cathie (2003)

- Woah did you just see that car that was rough - Did you see that girls hair mike, shes proper rough her. - ([Referee] calls [offside]) "That was never offside, thats such a rough decision" - (comes in crying) huh whats the matter Amy "He tried to get rough with me so I slapped him and [ran out]" ❋ Emzzy (2005)

Person 1: [What do you think] of her? [Person 2]: She's rough [as fuck]! ❋ Switch (2005)

[Oh], you're [rough] ❋ CrogpittMcGhee (2018)

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What does roughing in mean?

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