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Definitions of "royal"

  • Of or relating to a monarch. adjective
  • Of the rank of a monarch. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or in the service of a kingdom. adjective
  • Issued or performed by a monarch: a royal warrant; a royal visit. adjective
  • Founded, chartered, or authorized by a monarch: a royal society of musicians. adjective
  • Befitting royalty; stately: royal treatment. adjective
  • Superior, as in size or quality. adjective
  • Used as an intensive: "It would be a first-class royal mess” ( Sam Nunn). adjective
  • Informal A member of a monarch's family: "Among the resort's distinguished visitors are Swedish and Spanish royals” ( Alistair Scott). noun
  • Nautical A sail set on the royalmast. noun
  • A paper size, 20 by 25 inches for printing, 19 by 24 inches for writing. noun
  • the royal road A way or method that presents no difficulties: the royal road to success. idiom
  • Of or relating to a monarch or their family. adjective
  • Having the air or demeanour of a monarch. adjective
  • In large sailing ships, of a mast right above the topgallant mast and its sails. adjective
  • free-for-all, especially involving multiple combatants. adjective
  • Used as an intensifier. adjective
  • A royal person; a member of a royal family. noun
  • A standard printing-paper size measuring 25 inches x 20 inches. noun

The word "royal" in example sentences

People suppose a family to be royal because it reigns; on the contrary, it reigns because it is royal, because it has more life, _plus d'esprit royal_ -- surely as mysterious and occult a force as the _virtus dormitiva_ of opium.. [Critical Miscellanies (Vol. 2 of 3) Essay 4: Joseph de Maistre]

At the very top I offer the conjecture towards the solution of that mystery which constantly bewilders the republican witness, the mystery of loyalty -- is, of course, the royal family; and the rash conclusion of the American is that it is revered because it is the _royal_ family.. [London Films]

The royal party, with the king or his representatives at its head, is the _royal cause_.. [The Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. 04 (of 12)]

Alan Williams, a former assistant deputy minister for the Department of National Defence, said the term "royal" could conjure up some positive history.. [CBC | Top Stories News]

FERGUSON: Well, the word "royal" -- what is the word royal?. [CNN Transcript - Larry King Live: What's Next for Sarah Ferguson? - January 25, 2001]

The word "royal" brings to mind a form of yoga, based on the same definition.. [Alanna Zabel: Let The Royal Wedding Remind You Of Your Own Royal Path]

That would be a combination of what they call royal households, private secretaries, assistance private secretaries, all the way down to what they -- they don't call them servants, they call them staff.. [CNN Transcript Jun 2, 2002]

Merryweather and Grace Wolfe had long been friendly rivals in what they called the royal sport of running.. [Peggy]

The party of the governor having learned this, and that the archbishop would not yield his right, the governor determined to execute what had been decided by what he called the royal Audiencia.. [The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 — Volume 25 of 55 1635-36 Explorations by Early Navigators, Descriptions of the Islands and Their Peoples, Their History and Records of the Catholic Missions, As Related in Contemporaneous Books and Manuscripts, Showing the Political, Economic, Commercial and Religious Conditions of Those Islands from Their Earliest Relations with European Nations to the Close of the Nineteenth Century]

You know I sat for president in their tent while the beef went its first round; and Alphonse was in an awful hurry to drag me into what he called the royal tent.. [The Adventures of Harry Richmond — Volume 4]

But in the last campaign, the fatigue with the Bloc, the further disintegration of the Liberals and the marginalization of the Conservatives - a marginalization that will proceed apace with moves such as bringing back the moniker "royal" for the military - gave the NDP the running room it had never enjoyed.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

Then Harper restored the word "royal" to the full title of the country's navy and air force.. [ - Home Page]

Back in August, the Harper government restored the word "royal" in front of the names of Canada's navy and air force, reviving designations that had been discarded decades earlier.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

The word "royal" is Velcroed onto any institution where it will stick, and portraits of the Queen are dusted off in consulates around the world and put back on the wall.. [The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed]

General Walter Natynczyk, chief of the defense staff, announced the decision to bring back the word "royal" for the official names of the two branches of the military in a memo posted on Monday on the military discussion site [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

You find he has reference to this very thing, our love to our brother; which is what he calls the royal law.. [The Whole Works of the Rev. John Howe, M.A. with a Memoir of the Author. Vol. VI.]

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