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What does the word ruefulness mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word ruefulness in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with ruefulness and anagrams of ruefulness.

Definitions of "ruefulness"

  • The property of being rueful. noun
  • The quality or state of being rueful. noun
  • sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment noun

The word "ruefulness" in example sentences

The way Ward balances ruefulness and hope is singularly impressive.. [Love Stories in This Town: Summary and book reviews of Love Stories in This Town by Amanda Eyre Ward.]

She tried to keep the ruefulness out of her voice.. [365 tomorrows » 2010 » March : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

Brought to his knees, with the evidence of Wolsey's duplicitous intentions scattered in letters on the floor, Cochrane provides, in the vein of Richard II, a moving account of a titan cut down to admirably human ruefulness.. [Theater review: Folger Theatre's 'Henry VIII']

"Portuondo's contralto still registers as a formidably potent and emotionally limber instrument, telegraphing ruefulness or parental tenderness or swooning romantic fatalism.". [HuffPost Reviews : Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Clipse, and Chris Brown, Plus an Interview With Papa Roach on World Hunger Year]

Stritch is sassy and skillful, bringing a fierce ruefulness to her performance, previously played by Angela Lansbury.. [Fern Siegel: Stage Door: A Little Night Music]

They had not made love last night—and Alice had blamed herself with a particular ruefulness.. [Here Comes Another Lesson]

Of ruefulness that winning was borne of what was the worst tragedy in my life.. [Archive 2010-01-01]

Wennerstrom floods these sentiments with ruefulness and regret, and still in the space of a mere 11 words, also fills them with a vow not be such a mess up in the future.. [Not Such Heartless Bastards After All]

That sense of pride in a life's work and ruefulness at its finitude colors every second of "Saturday Night & Sunday Morning": an autumnal masterpiece by an American master.. [Mountain-Music Summit Meeting]

"I'm a man of many failings," McCain says with a genuine, if practiced, ruefulness.. [What These Eyes Have Seen]

Many gloomy looks would be cast upward through the cabin skylights at the flapping sails while dinner was in progress; and some, growing bold in ruefulness, predicted that we should land about the middle of July.. [American Notes for General Circulation]

‘I hope,’ said Mr. Bumble, looking about him with great ruefulness, as Mr. Grimwig disappeared with the two old women: ‘I hope that this unfortunate little circumstance will not deprive me of my porochial office?’. [Oliver Twist]

He's never felt that he has an obligation to any of us to air his own misgivings or ruefulness and I have to say during the six hours or so of interviews that I did with him, the president was very free form.. [CNN Transcript Sep 4, 2007]

“If I could I would oblige you; but I fear I cannot!” she replied, with illogical ruefulness.. [The Woodlanders]

Arlis, Akimbo, Extricate, and Teddy laughed, though there was more than a tinge of ruefulness in it.. [Stork Naked]

The "predictable response" of ruefulness is precisely the modern reader's reaction of self-preservation, which still permits him or her to enjoy the expositional technique from earlier in the essay.. [ BOOKSHOP MEMORIES.]

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