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Rugged is a 2018 Indian Romantic Action Entertainer Kannada film written and directed by Sri Mahesh Gowda and produced by Arun Kumar A. The film caption is "Neenu Malagisiruva Goriyolage Nanninu Jeevathavagiddene". This Movie was launched in November 2017 The project marks the first in the combination of Sri Mahesh Gowda, Vinod Prabhakar and producer Arun Kumar A..

What does the word rugged mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word rugged in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with rugged and anagrams of rugged.

Definitions of "rugged"

  • Having a rough irregular surface. See Synonyms at rough. adjective
  • Having strong features marked with furrows or wrinkles: the rugged face of the old sailor. adjective
  • Having a sturdy build or strong constitution: a rugged trapper who spent months in the wilderness. adjective
  • Tempestuous; stormy: the rugged weather of the North Atlantic. adjective
  • Demanding great effort, ability, or endurance: the rugged conditions of barracks life. adjective
  • Lacking culture or polish; coarse and rude: rugged manners and ribald wit. adjective
  • Broken into sharp or irregular points; uneven; not smooth; rough adjective
  • Not neat or regular; irregular, uneven. adjective
  • Rough with bristles or hair; shaggy. adjective
  • strong, sturdy, well-built adjective
  • rocky and bare of plantlife adjective
  • Harsh; austere; hard; crabbed; -- said of temper, character, and the like, or of persons. adjective
  • Stormy; turbulent; tempestuous; rude. adjective
  • Harsh; grating; rough to the ear -- said of sound, style, and the like. adjective
  • Sour; surly; frowning; wrinkled; -- said of looks, etc. adjective
  • Violent; rude; boisterous; -- said of conduct, manners, etc. adjective
  • Vigorous; robust; hardy; -- said of health, physique, etc. adjective
  • designed to reliably operate in harsh usage environments and conditions adjective
  • Having a rug or rugs. adjective

The word "rugged" in example sentences

So you really do need this air support, because, you know, obviously, you are up in the mountains here in what you describe as a rugged area.. [CNN Transcript May 22, 2008]

He had what she called a rugged, honest Scotch face, with a very big nose in the middle of it, and little grey eyes overhung by brown and shaggy eyebrows.. [The Rough Road]

I believe in rugged individualism and that no one owes me anything just because I live and breathe.. [Final Weekend - Tim Burns (R CAND, PA-12). | RedState]

If you are hunting in rugged country get a synthetic otherwise id go with wood.. [hey i'm thinking about buying a new rifle. a nice one. im willing to pay over 1000 dollars for it.]

They are lighter and hold up better in rugged country ... well if you don't want to scratch up your nice wood stock.. [hey i'm thinking about buying a new rifle. a nice one. im willing to pay over 1000 dollars for it.]

I do not use a GPS but can see their use in rugged terrain where visability is limited due to mountains or forest cover.. [Are we as sportsman becoming too dependent on modern technology?]

The actor specialized in rugged roles across his vast filmography, which included more than 70 films and TV shows.. [Peter Graves Dies at 83 | /Film]

The last estimate Tempe had heard about the fast moving fire in rugged country was that it covered more than 1100 acres.. [Excerpt from Kindred Spirits and Contest | The Stiletto Gang]

El Triunfo (Chiapas): diverse evergreen cloud forest in rugged mountain terrain; a primary Pleistocene refuge for numerous endemic plants and animals; large mobile population.. [Did you know? Mexico has over thirty UNESCO-designated biosphere reserves]

A decade or so ago I went for a day hike on a ranch in rugged mountainous NE Oregon.. [A Little Touch Of Home]

The father-of-one and co-manager at Silver Plains cattle station yesterday told his remarkable tale of survival and rescue by chopper in rugged bushland near Coen, in the state's remote far north.. [Archive 2007-08-12]

A believer in rugged individualism, Lane's treatise The Discovery of Freedom became the Bible of the Libertarian Party.. [Who's Our Enid?]

The SEALs hiked to a spot in rugged terrain where they established an observation post.. [KIA KIA/BNR]

The team had been in rugged mountains when heavy fighting occurred.. [KIA KIA/BNR]

During the mission, their aircraft was shot down, and Guy and Lyon ejected to land in rugged terrain.. [Lyon, Donavan L.]

On March 28, 1968, Boyer, fellow rifleman Charles Huston of Ohio, and intelligence Sgt. George Brown were on a reconnaissance mission with eight South Vietnamese soldiers in rugged jungle-covered mountains 15 miles inside Laos.. [Boyer, Alan L.]

Rugged Translates

TurkishRugged English to Turkish Translate
s. arızalı, pürüzlü, engebeli; düzensiz; bakımsız, karmakarışık; sert, haşin; kaba, terbiyesiz; kulak tırmalayıcı; sıhhatli, kuvvetli, zinde; dayanıklı, sağlam, cefakâr; fırtınalı, sert.s. arızalı, pürüzlü, engebeli; düzensiz; bakımsız, karmakarışık; sert, haşin; kaba, terbiyesiz; kulak tırmalayıcı; sıhhatli, kuvvetli, zinde; dayanıklı, sağlam, cefakâr; fırtınalı, sert.

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Rugged (Prod by: DrumDummie)
Rugged (Prod by: DrumDummie)
JGreen "Rugged" Instrumental Remake | @YungHydroBeatz
Testing the Rugged CAT S41 - Scratch, Burn, BEND Tested!
Testing the Rugged CAT S41 - Scratch, Burn, BEND Tested!

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If you've been laying off the Pokémon Go for a while due to a lack of new monsters, prepare to be glued to your phone again. Niantic is now adding pokémon from the rugged Sinnoh region that first appeared in 2007's Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum games.

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Rugged Word Data

  • Pronunciations(rŭgˈĭd)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation rug ged


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