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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word rushers. Define rushers, rushers synonyms, rushers pronunciation, rushers translation, English dictionary definition of rushers.

A Big Time Rush fan. Most likely obsessed Urban Dictionary

A dedicated Big Time Rush fan. One of the sweetest fanbases next to Arianators and Lovatics! They aren't JUST a fanbase, they are a family. They stick together! If you mess with a Rusher you are bound to get insulted in 1,000 ways! Urban Dictionary

One who on a FPS attacks and tries to kill the enemy and either get to the obj or eliminating the enemy within the first 30 seconds of the game. Similar to "going commando" or "going rambo" Urban Dictionary

A person who upgrades to the next town hall in "Clash of Clans" without upgrading everything fully. Urban Dictionary

A rapper who raps at excessively fast speeds. Most rappers have bursts of speed in certain points in a song, but aren't considered Rushers unless they can, or do sustain that speed for their whole time in the song. Urban Dictionary

A group of people who dedicate their lives to bullshit. Urban Dictionary

A dumper rusher is a someone who attempts to pursue anal sex the first time they have sex with someone. Urban Dictionary

A player on the game Starcraft who quickly builds Photon Cannons inside an enemies base, before the enemy himself realizes it and dies due to the numerous Photon Cannon's advancing towards his structures. Urban Dictionary

Individuals that rush into the elevator before letting those already inside get out. They usually have their heads down and are staring at their cellphone. It is a simple concept, if you let me get out you have more room to get in! Urban Dictionary

In FPS people run into your spawn piont, with an overpowered weapon i.e. a silenced UMP. Spraying and killing half your team in one go, before anyone is able to react. Urban Dictionary

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The word "rushers" in example sentences

Added close to forty pounds of muscle to his frame since 2003 spring drills in order to handle the rigors of facing some of the nation's premier pass rushers from the demanding left tackle position ... ❋ Unknown (2005)

Gannon didn't have much help, either, as the Bucs 'speed rushers from the outside, led by Simeon Rice, zipped around the Raiders' rotund tackles like they were highway safety barrels, sacking Gannon five times. ❋ Unknown (2003)

It will be interesting to see if Mathis 'emergence as one of the league's premier pass rushers translates into an even bigger payday down the road. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Perhaps I was deep in social science or restudyiug some of Fourier's pleasant fancies, such as the rivalries of groups of nice children with his little hordes of brats and "rushers" -- to use a modern word -- and how in nature's scheme their different talents so balanced one another as to make complete harmony. ❋ John Thomas Codman (N/A)

But Okung plays a position whose value depends on the ability to stop elite pass rushers, which is exactly what Ware is. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The defense has questions in two young edge rushers, which is why it may struggle early before getting better as the season moves along. ❋ Unknown (2010)

"During my last two years of football the 'rushers' were unanimously of the opinion that the kicking, dodging and passing open game was the game we should strive for and that it was the duty of the halfback and backs to end their runs with a good long punt, wherever possible, and give us ❋ William Hanford Edwards (N/A)

He pushed the line of scrimmage; he created open lanes for linebackers; and he also gave pass rushers more opportunities to face one-on-one blocking, which is every pass rusher's dream. ❋ LaVar Arrington (2010)

Apr. 13th, 2010 12: 38 am (UTC) jets need pass rushers ❋ Grrm (2010)

When you've got good rushers and fast skill guys back there that are covering, that makes for a pretty good game plan defensively. ❋ Steve Yanda (2010)

They should also run right at the Colts 'pass rushers on third and mid-to-long distances to keep them honest, a tactic that can be surprisingly effective. ❋ Brian Burke (2010)

Last year the Giants did not get as many sacks as they had in previous years, true ... but even so, the strength of Big Blue's defense has been its defensive ends, a trio relentless pass rushers as good as any in the league -- Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Matthias Kiwanuka. ❋ Grrm (2010)

Kiwanuka, meanwhile, still played with his hand on the ground and up front on passing downs—as was always in the gameplan—and was a huge factor in holding the Redskins to just 74 rushing yards, sealing the edge to keep rushers from getting around. ❋ Aditi Kinkhabwala (2011)

But Ryan said the Jets already have capable pass rushers in linebackers Jamaal Westerman and Garrett McIntyre. ❋ Chris Herring (2011)

Redskins players say they didn't necessarily change much of their gameplan, which on Sunday called for a more conservative approach that relied on a cover-two zone and fewer pass rushers than were used in the team's first three games. ❋ Rick Maese (2010)

Left tackles, for instance, have to block the toughest pass rushers, while centers often have help from the guards to their right and left. ❋ Reed Albergotti (2011)

T.J. is the prototypical defensive lineman -- big fast, athletic, mean, aggressive -- and Murphy and Aaron Donald, all you hear from their coaches is how their motors go crazy and they're big-time playmakers and great pass rushers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

And there appeared to be the requisite star power in the likes of quarterback Nick Montana, son of Joe; tackle Erik Kohler, called by some the best offensive lineman in California; running backs Deontae Cooper and Jesse Callier, the two leading rushers in the state of California last year; and defensive tackle Sione Potoa'e and offensive guard Colin Porter, the two best line recruits in the state of Washington. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The North Carolina defense ranks No. 11 in the ACC in sacks (six), but that didn't make the Tar Heels 'pass rushers any less impressive on film to Lazor. ❋ Steve Yanda (2010)

That [rusher] is too [obsessed] for her own [good] ❋ Rusher4Life (2011)

She's such a [dedicated] [Rusher]! Don't mess with her, she's a [rusher]. Boy [Rushers] are all amazing, it should be illegal! ❋ LovelySchmidt (2012)

[OMFG]! Its [the 5th] time the !@#$[ing] rusher killed me! OMFG! LEARN HOW TO PLAY! ❋ Doraemon1210 (2005)

"That guy has a level 11 [town hall] with [level 1] walls, he's such a [rusher]" ❋ Jackoffinabox (2016)

"Man... [Twista] is such a [rusher] in [the song] 'Lets Go', i need to slow that down to understand WTF he is saying." ❋ Idklolhax (2010)

"Do something with your life, stop being a [rushers]" "Is that [Rusher] behavior contagious" "I turned into a hobo because of my [rusher] lifestyle" ❋ Janafd (2013)

OMG...we were having some really [hot sex] [in the shower] after our date and then he tried to do me in my [backdoor]. Watch out for him, he's a dumper rusher. ❋ Captain Underpants III (2011)

YOU Fucking [n00b] I said no [cannon] [Rushing]! ❋ GoSu (2005)

On my way to lunch I was trying to get out of [the elevator] and an [elevator rusher] nearly knocked me over. Oops or sorry must be [a foreign] language. ❋ Dyalect (2015)

The classic Spawn Rusher These people would use a [UMP] weapon, or any [submachine gun]. Perk1 [marathon], Perk2 lightweigth (because they are), Perk3 Ninja ❋ Cadrow (2011)

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