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Definitions of "safest"

  • superlative form of safe: most safe, most safe. adjective

The word "safest" in example sentences

Recently, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the latest crime statistics for New York City, numbers that capped what he called the "safest decade in recorded city history.". [How to Stop Urban Crime Without Jail Time]

At the same time, most women will tell you the one security blanket that would make them feel safest is knowing they would always have a home to live in.. [Five Big Money Mistakes Made by Men | Impact Lab]

On my watch as police chief in San Jose, the city was named the safest large city in the country, despite having the fewest police per capita.. [Joseph McNamara: Let's Be Honest: The War Against Marijuana Has Failed]

So that while New York may not legitimately be called the safest large city in America, crime in New York under Bloomberg and Kelly is at its lowest levels since the 1960s.. [Len Levitt: Bloomberg's Safest Big City Claim]

MURPHY: Massachusetts, the so-called safest state in the nation, with the best gun laws, that ` s where that 8-year-old shot himself to death.. [CNN Transcript Nov 26, 2008]

The safest was the Mercedes E-class at 10 deaths per million registered vehicle-years.. [March 17th, 2005]

And they're being called the safest cars on the road.. [CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2005]

Rosettenville in the south of Johannesburg, which the NP had described as the safest seat in the country.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

The safest is a pocket on the inside of your vest, a thief could not well get his hand in there.. [Pixy's Holiday Journey]

The sector included the famous Horse Shoe Trench which was then a death trap, although, after much labour had been expended upon it, it was latterly known as the safest position on the Peninsula.. [The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918]

"The safest is the shortest," Kouaga answered with a frown.. [The Great White Queen A Tale of Treasure and Treason]

Like the appeal of a midnight skinny dip, rollerskates are widely known as the safest available companion for alcohol intake.. [Music news, reviews, comment and features |]

Lynch says the state's distinction as the safest is a part of what makes it a great place to live and work and would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the men and women of New Hampshire law enforcement.. [ Breaking News | Web Feeds]

DB Eric Berry has been called the safest pick in the draft, even given the Chiefs did the unconventional by spending a top-five choice on a safety.. []

The mammoth defensive tackle from Nebraska was selected second by the Lions in the 2010 NFL Draft in what many have called the safest pick of the draft.. [BallHype - Top Sports News, Videos, and Blogs]

He called the safest running play in his playbook, 65-Power Up.. []

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@ciddhere: My friend at New Zealand. This is why New Zealand is one the safest countries in the world. We need more people like this htt…


@Lays_India: *2 days before Holi* My friends: Busy determining the safest route to buy colours without getting hit by water balloons.…


@spectatorindex: World’s safest cities, 2018. 1. Abu Dhabi 2. Doha 3. Osaka 4. Singapore 5. Basel 6. Quebec City 7. Tokyo 8. Bern 9. M…


@Lays_India: *2 days before Holi* My friends: Busy determining the safest route to buy colours without getting hit by water balloons.…


The #UAE’s policies and strategies were behind the achievement to make the country the #safest in the world.…

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