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Saline Saline water, non-medicinal salt water Saline (medicine), a liquid with salt content to match the human body Saline, a historical term (especially US) for a salt works or saltern Carol Saline, American journalist, broadcaster, author and public speaker SalineOS, an operating system based on Debian.

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Definitions of "saline"

  • Of, relating to, or containing salt; salty. adjective
  • Of or relating to chemical salts. adjective
  • A salt of magnesium or of the alkalis, used in medicine as a cathartic. noun
  • A saline solution, especially one that is isotonic with blood and is used in medicine and surgery. noun
  • Containing salt; salty. adjective
  • Water containing dissolved salt. noun
  • Consisting of salt, or containing salt. adjective
  • Of the quality of salt; salty. adjective
  • A salt spring; a place where salt water is collected in the earth. noun
  • A crude potash obtained from beet-root residues and other similar sources. noun
  • A metallic salt; esp., a salt of potassium, sodium, lithium, or magnesium, used in medicine. noun
  • Consisting of salt or constituting salt: as, saline particles; saline substances.
  • Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of salt; salty: as, a saline taste.
  • Same as halophilous.
  • A salt-spring, or a place where salt water is collected in the earth; a salt-marsh or -pit. noun
  • One of the mineral salts, such as sodium or magnesium sulphate, used medicinally. noun
  • containing salt adjective
  • an isotonic solution of sodium chloride and distilled water noun

The word "saline" in example sentences

Homeowners, too, have been making the switch to saline, which is about one-twelfth as salty as ocean water.. [Worth Their Salt? Pools Where Chlorine Isn't King]

These breast implants are available in a wide variety of shapes, types and sizes, and usually they will be made of an outer layer of silicone, and then are filled with either silicone gel or saline, which is salt water.. [MyLinkVault Newest Links]

The Etosha Pan is almost devoid of macrophytic vegetation and is classified as a saline desert.. [Etosha Pan halophytics]

Before entering into a discussion of the question, which naturally arises at this point, as to how levity and gravity by their two possible ways of interaction - 'sulphurous' or 'saline' - determine the properties of so-called positive and negative electricity, we shall first study the third mode of generating electricity, namely, by electromagnetic induction.. [Man or Matter]

The release of Miss Leighton has refocused attention on the daunting scale of the task facing police if they are to catch the person dubbed the 'saline serial killer'.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

After removing the radiation plaque from the treated eye, she flushes the oil away with saline, which is eventually replaced by the patient's natural fluids.. [Newswise: Latest News]

Mr Salmond said that Scotland is well placed to lead the world in the technology because of its geological assets - mainly former oil and gas fields and an abundance of porous rock, known as saline aquifer.. []

Winner receives copies of my books, copies of Patrick Smith's book, an empty 12-ounce bottle labeled "saline" that you can refill and get through any TSA security checkpoint, and a fake boarding pass on any flight for any date.. [ January 2010 Archives]

For me the issue of abortion is child abuse and murder by the worst form of torture possible, such as saline method.. [Does the father get a say in an abortion? « Dating Jesus]

According to The Washington Post, the Red Cross has been socked with a $1.7 million fine after several units of red blood cells were cleaned with the wrong kind of saline solution.. [CNN Transcript Jun 10, 2008]

The outer husk, also, yields a kind of saline flour used for seasoning their food.. [Catalogue of Economic Plants in the Collection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture]

I informed him that the treatment was of the kind described as "saline," and that the symptoms, between the attacks of fever, were certainly those of increasing weakness and exhaustion.. [The Woman in White]

Did the ancients refer to this atmospheric body of water as a "saline"?. [Propeller Most Popular Stories]

Fortunately, it has been shown that mechanical approaches such as saline lavage can safely begin as early as six hours after breeding.. [ News]

Well, TYR, given that we know "efficacy of influenza vacc in any age, gender, race, etc … category is completely a faux pas -" you will kindly excuse me while I yawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn … … at the "HIV infected persons" study - in addition - can you please tell me what "saline" does as a "placebo"?. [Brain Blogger]

The center sent letters on Monday to more than 5,000 patients telling them that single-use products such as saline solution bags and tubing were used on more than one patient before being discarded, which created a minimal risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C.. [Omaha World-Herald > Frontpage]

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TurkishSaline English to Turkish Translate
s., i. bir çeşit maden tuzu ile dolu; tuzlu, tuz gibi; tuz hassası olan; i., tıb. birkaç çeşit maden tuzu.s., i. bir çeşit maden tuzu ile dolu; tuzlu, tuz gibi; tuz hassası olan; i., tıb. birkaç çeşit maden tuzu.

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@hasqay: @DyfrigH @EM_RESUS 1. Saline does not carry oxygen sadly 2. Cyclic hyperresuscitation with saline promotes ‘preventable’ coagul…


@hasqay: @DyfrigH @EM_RESUS 1. Saline does not carry oxygen sadly 2. Cyclic hyperresuscitation with saline promotes ‘preventable’ coagul…


@hasqay: @DyfrigH @EM_RESUS 1. Saline does not carry oxygen sadly 2. Cyclic hyperresuscitation with saline promotes ‘preventable’ coagul…

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  • Pronunciations(sāˈlēnˌ, -līnˌ)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation sa line sal ine


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