Character 6
Hyphenation sa loon
Pronunciations /səˈlun/

Definitions and meanings of "Saloon"

What do we mean by saloon?

A place where alcoholic drinks are sold and drunk; a tavern. noun

A large room or hall for receptions, public entertainment, or exhibitions. noun

The officers' dining and social room on a cargo ship. noun

A large social lounge on a passenger ship. noun

A sedan automobile. noun

Any spacious or elegant apartment for the reception of company, or for the exhibition of works of art; a hall of reception. noun

A hall for public entertainments or amusement; also, an apartment for specific public use: as, the saloon of a steamer (that is, the main cabin); a refreshment saloon. noun

A place where intoxicating liquors are sold and drunk; a grog-shop. noun

An erroneous form of shalloon. noun

A spacious and elegant apartment for the reception of company or for works of art; a hall of reception, esp. a hall for public entertainments or amusements; a large room or parlor. noun

Popularly, a public room for specific uses; esp., a barroom or grogshop. noun

A tavern, especially in an American Old West setting. noun

A lounge bar in an English public house, contrasted with the public bar. noun

The most common body style for modern cars, with a boot or trunk. noun

The cabin area of a boat or yacht devoted to seated relaxation, often combined with dining table. noun

The part of a rail carriage or multiple unit containing seating for passengers. noun

Dated form of salon. (living room in a house) noun

Tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals noun

A car that is closed and that has front and rear seats and two or four doors noun

A large room, especially one used to receive and entertain guests.

A gathering of people for a social or intellectual meeting.

An art gallery or exhibition; especially the Paris salon or autumn salon.

A beauty salon or similar establishment.

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The word "saloon" in example sentences

In the Fifteenth Assembly District some distance below, but on the same line, the first sociological canvass of the Federation of Churches had found the churches, schools, and other educational agencies marshalling a frontage of 756 feet on the street, while the saloon fronts stretched themselves over nearly a mile; so that, said the compiler of these pregnant facts, “saloon social ideals are minting themselves on the minds of the people at the ratio of seven saloon thoughts to one educational thought. ❋ Unknown (1902)

Our passengers were not many in what we called the saloon -- three New ❋ Unknown (1892)

He was well known for scaring the pants of other drivers in saloon car racing at the Nurburgring by screeming up behind them in a massivly over-weight, under-braked 500 Merc. ❋ Peter Ashley (2008)

The Rover 3-Litre saloon is the Unmitigated English motor car. ❋ Peter Ashley (2008)

She called the saloon keepers swill-faced, beak-nosed bed mates of Satan. ❋ Unknown (2001)

The front-wheel-drive 3.2, the all-wheel-drive T6 and the AWD V8 are the new variants for the saloon from the Swedish company which aims to out-muscle the best in the prestige passenger car sector. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Bentley's gorgeous "saloon" -- was to pretty much the same general effect, though somewhat more ornately expressed by the use of picturesque expletives, which it is needless to quote. ❋ Ambrose Bierce (1878)

There's blue sky so it's a daytime scene pictured and I * think* the title was in a funky "saloon" - type or scriptlike font. ❋ SB Sarah (2010)

Since it’s so close to where the hair saloon is located, drive around the neighborhood and enjoy a difference in living pleasure of days gone by. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Yes, the saloon was a mighty fine place, and it was more than that. ❋ Unknown (2010)

When I hoboed, and hadn't the price of a bed, a saloon was the only place that would receive me and give me a chair by the fire. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Although, Pat Garrett was known as a saloon keeperÂthrough part of his earlier life, Â but his reputation as a gunslinger made him perfect for the job of sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Nick called the saloon last night—thoroughly hopped up on pain meds, I might add—and begged Evie to arrange for your favorite food to be delivered to you ASAP. ❋ Molly Harper (2011)

In her autobiography, a document about as lucid as a swamp, Nation nevertheless approaches coherence when she describes the methodology that made her famous in her campaign against the “jointists”—that is, the saloon operators. ❋ DANIEL OKRENT (2010)

Two cows, in the middle of a parking lot surrounded by a restaurant, a bakery, a physiotherapist, a saloon aka salon, and a petrol station, had found themselves a mudhole to cool off in. ❋ Megan Aka Mmapula Reamogetse (2009)

The general store, the hotel, and the saloon were the hangouts for most cowboys. ❋ DEE BROWN (2007)

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