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Samaj is a masculine name derived from India. They can be very sweet & very energetic. They can be hard headed. They are fairly smart. They can be great friends. Urban Dictionary

A Very out going guy who will make you laugh...he’s an incredible basketball player and fun to be around. He’s a lady’s man but can be a player. After meeting him you will always wanna be around him. He’s a number one homie who will have you’re back. if you find a samaje keep him close by! Urban Dictionary

Samaj is a funny person.He can also be a very good friend.Samaj is shy but not all the time.Samaj is also very good at video games.Samaj likes to eat chicken and drink kool aid. he is also good at sports. Urban Dictionary

A person who really wants to fuck Leo9Wharf Urban Dictionary

The third national party of India.Founded by Manyawar Saheb Sri Kanshiram.It ruled the Uttar Pradesh 4 times under great leadership of Bahen Mayawati ji. Urban Dictionary

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The word "samaj" in example sentences

Addressing the convention on upper castes here, she said adequate representation was given to the Brahmins before the 2007 U.P. Assembly elections only after she was assured that the Brahmin 'samaj' would vote for the party. ❋ Unknown (2008)

As regards Mr. Pathak, Ms. Mayawati said a candidate from the Brahmin 'samaj' would contest the Lok Sabha poll from Unnao. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The Bhaiya fish seller is filling a vacuum and a demand , none of the State governments have done anything to improve the lot of the Koli community , and the rant of the Koli samaj against the Bhaiya eating into their profits holds no water. ❋ Photographerno1 (2009)

I am far away from all the not only from my Koli samaj, Mahim or Mumbai, but far away from India, as I migrated to sweden, europe, as I got married to a swedish guy ... ❋ Anjali (2007)

Will the present election prove to be a trendsetter, especially by providing entry point for theBahujan samaj party whose leader is making waves in Uttar pradesh? ❋ Unknown (2008)

I am born in a Mangela Koli samaj and am very proud of it. ❋ Anjali (2006)

I to belong to mangela samaj and i am proud to be one. ❋ Anjali (2006)

We cherish with pride our cute Koli samaj, hip hip hurray ..... whereas let the other Brahmins or Kshyatriyas or so called ucche marathis with their false pride tease us as pathetic as they are, full of fustrations. ❋ Anjali (2006)

I am Mukesh Paltil i am developing my website www. please send me details about agri samaj on my email id: [email protected] ❋ Anjali (2006)

More importantly, Ms Mayavathy whose social engineering has paid rich dividends in uttar pradesh is making her presence as well as her party's, the Bahujan samaj party, felf. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Hi came across this blog while searching for mangela samaj site and i was really very surprised to find one. ❋ Anjali (2006)

Kolis, by finding if there is any information about we Kolis, pretty afraid that our koli samaj is gradually going to get extincted??? ❋ Anjali (2006)

While the major parties, and there are three, the Bharatiya janta party, the congress and the Janata dal - s are wooing thevoters with promise of sev eral goodies, the Bahujan samaj party and the samajwadi party, whose roots are in uttar pradesh are doint something else. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Buddha's fault was he preached a casteless society which challanged brahminical Manu Smriti-the four tier Varna System (which placed the brahmins on top of the ladder-Brahamin, Kshtriya, Vaisya and Shudra) -- As somebody said here brahmins made an attempt during British Rule to call themselves Aryans-brahmo samaj-Arya samaj were organanizations estbalished for this purpose-the British rejected this-so began India's freedom struggle-led (to give the devil its due, by brahmins). ❋ Steve Sailer (2002)

During British regime his Bong compatriot Syamprakash Mukerjeee and other Jees started the "Arya" samaj hoping the Britishers would accept them as Aryans. ❋ Steve Sailer (2002)

The Marathi media in Goa has all along borne the torch of social activism, by backing the cause of the 'bahujan samaj' or the backward communities, and also fought hard to expose corruption in Goa's polity. ❋ Various (N/A)

Sooch samaj ke tu faisle banaa Izatte we karr naal izatt karaa Thoriye jehi zindagi we enu na ❋ Unknown (2010)

Discourses by eminent scholars and dance recital took place during the festival in which Swami Dayananda Saraswathi launched the website of the samaj: www. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Samaj, don't be so [hostile]. ❋ Beautiful Bonito (2016)

1.Girl: have you met [Samaje] Boy: Yeah he’s a [homie] and is [gettin] hella chicks ❋ Belliott (2018)

Samaj: [Your mom] [Person]: *[laughs]* ❋ Samaj (2019)

dirty samaj said if he [had to] [fuck a dude] it would be [leo] ❋ Idkwhatpseudonym Means (2022)

Bahujan Samaj Party ❋ Indian Ruler (2021)

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