Definitions and meanings of "Sand"

What do we mean by sand?

Small loose grains of worn or disintegrated rock. noun

A sedimentary material, finer than a granule and coarser than silt, with grains between 0.06 and 2.0 millimeters in diameter. noun

A tract of land covered with sand, as a beach or desert. noun

The loose, granular, gritty particles in an hourglass. noun

Moments of allotted time or duration. noun

Courage; stamina; perseverance. noun

A light grayish brown to yellowish gray. noun

To sprinkle or cover with or as if with sand. transitive verb

To polish or scrape with sand or sandpaper. transitive verb

To mix with sand. transitive verb

To fill up (a harbor) with sand. transitive verb

To sprinkle with sand; specifically, to powder with sand, as a freshly painted surface in order to make it resemble stone, or fresh writing to keep it from blotting.

To add sand to: as, to sand sugar.

To drive upon a sand-bank.

A message; a mission; an embassy. noun

Water-worn detritus, finer than that to which the name gravel would ordinarily be applied: but the line between sand and gravel cannot be distinctly drawn, and they frequently occur intermingled. noun

A tract or region composed principally of sand, like the deserts of Arabia; or a tract of sand exposed by the ebb of the tide: as, the Libyan Sands; the Solway sands. noun

Any mass of small hard particles: as, the sand of an hour-glass; sand used in blotting. noun

Rock that is ground more finely than gravel, but is not as fine as silt (more formally, see grain sizes chart), forming beaches and deserts and also used in construction.

(often in the plural) A beach or other expanse of sand.

(circa 1920) Personal courage.

A particle from 62.5 microns to 2 mm in diameter, following the Wentworth scale.

A light beige colour, like that of typical sand.

A single grain of sand.

A moment or interval of time; the term or extent of one's life (referring to the sand in an hourglass).

Something Anakin Skywalker hates very, very much.  Urban Dictionary

Something that Anakin Skywalker does not like.  Urban Dictionary

A heart healthy snack that has many minerals that are needed for survival. Sand is fucking delicious.  Urban Dictionary

Something that one would get in one's vagina, as to cause irritation and a bad mood.  Urban Dictionary

Old fashioned: (1) Courage, "It takes a lot of sand to face me down!"; (2) resolution, "It took a lot of sand for him to accomplish that task." See synonyms for Man Manly macho  Urban Dictionary

1960's surfer slang. Used much like "crap" or "crud" today to denounce the appearance of something.  Urban Dictionary

Abbreviation for Sand nigga. Used twords and Arab individual. Is not always used in a negative fashion  Urban Dictionary

Noun, the possession of which is used to describe anything particularly loud, powerful, manly, challenging, and potentially intimidating, usually mechanical and exciting. Often used primarily to describe hot rods.  Urban Dictionary

When a intervidual acts in a superior way. Also can be put before the word ledge. For example.  Urban Dictionary

Extremely crowded, full of people. Est. in Encinitas, CA.  Urban Dictionary

The word "sand" in example sentences

How to use sand in a sentence? Example sentences with the sand, a sentence example for sand, and how to make sand in sample sentence, how do I use the word sand in a sentence? How do you spell sand in a sentence?

This enables great whites to detect a heart beat of prey buried in sand from a faint electrical field or the action of a gill or a swimming muscle of another animal. ❋ Dr. Reese Halter (2010)

The most common releasing agent is sand, and hence the term sand moulding. ❋ Unknown (1989)

They bring in sand from the shore in every fold of their clothes, and it shakes out of them on to the carpets and the sofa cushions, and everything in the house. ❋ Edith (1923)

Burying one's head in the sand is an equally ineffective tactic. ❋ Unknown (2009)

After seeing what happened to Kerry and Gore, pretending that wingnut smears will just go away if we stick our heads in the sand is a recipe for defeat. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Can I tell that this fellow, who shows me the stop watches and shows me marks in the sand is athletic? ❋ Unknown (2008)

This sand is absolutely dry to the stern of the Intrepid and no craft could pass through here. ❋ Unknown (1919)

Well, one day she went to what they call a sand-diviner. ❋ Robert Smythe Hichens (1907)

I've always been fascinated by deep-sea critters, so getting to see groups of them on video was very cool. looks like a giant version of what we call a sand flea ..... use it for bait na'vi miller (Sent Wednesday, March 31, 2010 7: 07 PM) ❋ Unknown (2010)

Jacob, playing in sand which is dirty and likely infested with germs ❋ Unknown (2010)

But the sand is similar to Californian sand, and I know that you are back so you can't have flown across the country and back so fast. [email protected]? (2009)

Past the head in sand which might be functional in order to maintain a semblance of tranquility, we know that kidnappings seem to be going up about 10% a year. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A supervillan with all the powers of sand is pretty much as useless as he sounds, except to point out the kinds of goofy stories I was enthralled with. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Adorable even when his entire self is covered in sand from being buried, several times, at the beach. ❋ Unknown (2009)

A line in the sand is drawn for many of us, dividing what is enjoyable reading, and what is important. ❋ Wendigomountain (2010)

You neoCON's are delusional and hide your heads in sand ignoring reality. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"I [don’t like] sand. It’s [coarse] and rough and [irritating], and it gets everywhere." ❋ Princess Drax (2016)

"[I don't like] sand. It's [coarse]...rough...and it gets everywhere." -- [Anakin Skywalker] ❋ TheLightOfDay1 (2012)

[bill]: have you [eaten] sand today? joe: [wtf] bill ❋ Slasi (2020)

[Mark] [little] has [sand in his vagina]. ❋ Mark Little (2004)

[see] above ❋ D. Andrew Clark (2003)

"Schya, bro, [Johnny's] car looks like sand" "Schya, bro, I heard he got in a race with a [real bad] [sleeper]" ❋ Justin Briggs (2006)

"Hey [Malek] whats good?" "Not much sand what are you up to?" 2. "What are you eating for lunch?" " im gonna pick up some [hummus]" " Damn Malek your such a sand" Hey Mustafa look at Maleks sand [ass eating] that hummus! ❋ Achmad (2007)

That [carb] [finally] gave the [motor] some sand. ❋ David Sclothe (2006)

OMG [Josh] And [Liam] Are [Sand] Ledges! ❋ Liam The Ledge (2007)

"I went to the [party] but it was really sand, I could [barely] [breathe]" ❋ Mustang (2005)

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