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What does the word sashed mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word sashed in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with sashed and anagrams of sashed.

Definitions of "sashed"

  • Fitted with a sash (window opener). adjective
  • Having a sash (cloth decoration). adjective

The word "sashed" in example sentences

I love the sound of the 12 blocks sashed with cream, can't wait to see it take shape. [Gift bearing...]

Well, I sashed the blocks together today and put the top together, but I actually don't think I like it.. [Four Seasons Spring Quilt - maybe, maybe not]

Nope, the more I look at it, the more I think that all I see is those two blocks sashed with purple.. [Four Seasons Spring Quilt - maybe, maybe not]

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with them - obviously they would need to be sashed or something.. [African themed day]

It's part of a garden themed block for the birthday block swap - I intend to do 4 x 4 "squares, sashed as necessary to make up the total required size of the block (can't remember if she wants 12" or what, at the moment).. [I'm back]

I'm going to let them sit awhile and tell me how they want to be sashed.. [All kinds of everything]

We shall see. 9 blocks, each one with a contrasting strip in it, sashed and bordered with white.. [Planning and Prepping]

These are two of the nine sashed nine-patch blocks.. [Archive 2007-12-01]

- Using sashed windows in order to feel safe and secure from an over stimulating and dangerous-feeling outside world.. [Defining cottage design]

The door was locked during the brief absence of the mistress; a dim light glimmered through the sashed door of the hall, which opened beneath a huge stone porch, loaded with jessamine and other creepers.. [Redgauntlet]

So saying, Joshua conducted me to a small sashed door, opening under a porch amply mantled by honeysuckle and clematis, into a parlour of moderate size; the furniture of which, in plainness and excessive cleanliness, bore the characteristic marks of the sect to which the owner belonged.. [Redgauntlet]

Considering none of the rooms had closets, I settled on the sun-room, a small square nook at the front of the house with a picture window, with another large sashed window that faced the front porch where the neighbors entered their domain.. [The Erotic Puppet Theater Show]

She was dressed in a long, jewel-neckline, white dress, with a wide-sashed, pink belt topped by a big, black buckle.. [Rebecca And Kolli Strike A Match **]

To Kelly: I enjoyed Tombstone (and especially Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday) but the business about the red-sashed Cowboys was nonsense, as was the OK Corrall gunfight at the end.. [A Film Guide for Cowboy Action Shooters]

He approached a woman not only masked but wholly medieval, it seemed, a cloth wound about the head and a long plain cloak sashed at the waist and a tight bodice girdled high under her breasts.. [Underworld]

So far, it looks great - hopefully I will have it sashed tomorrow or Thursday, so a photo should come soon .... [Archive 2006-09-01]

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