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What does the word sassily mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word sassily in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with sassily and anagrams of sassily.

Definitions of "sassily"

  • In a sassy manner adverb

The word "sassily" in example sentences

She was wearing a Versace-goes-punk, gold-studded biker jacket, super-sassily teamed with hoops and baubles from her HSN jewelry collection.. [Hey, New York: Nothin' Wrong With a Little Name-Dropping]

Grids of rebar and bamboo stakes helped somewhat, but new layers of soil conditioner have covered those deterrents and the many holes and half eaten bulbs found continues to elicit growls, howls and skyward fist shaking towards the criminals sitting and chitting sassily in the nearby nut trees.. [Finial Fun In The Knot Garden « Fairegarden]

And I can do little but gawk at them, shake my head with my lips sassily puckered, and tell them “too late!”. [Sticks and Stones (written 5.21.09)]

“I always pay my debts,” Tameeka retorted sassily.. [Crazy Love]

Then Todd as Ophelia bent down and shouted sassily into my ear: I ran away three days ago, you old battle-ax.. [Fleur De Leigh’s Life of Crime]

Her rangy, sassily clad frame and coruscating carrot crop make her instantly recognisable.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Theron, sassily subtle and totally comfortable downplaying her beauty except when she uses it as a weapon, is a hot mess.. [NYDN Rss]

She is introduced on the beach, saying sassily to a waiter, in her husky, latin flair, "You have mojitos or you have mojitos?". [The Full Feed from]

Yes, some have been rushed to the ICU or have had mild to major surgeries but they continue to stand there with the ups and downs of the city, competing sassily with the new kids on the block, these grand old beauties.. [The Hindu - Front Page]

The last play we saw from Lynn Nottage was the sassily satirical Fabulation - about a career-driven black New Yorker who falls off the ladder of success back down into the ghetto she has snootily renounced.. [ news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph]

This shot of a lady sassily smoking a cigarette at Union Station in D.C. was taken in the. [NPR Topics: News]

I thought it was hilarious how quickly she changed her mind and I muttered sassily, "Passive aggressive" - not to mean "passive aggressive" with the real definition, but to mean two opposites being expressed … you know, "use it!" vs. "Don't use it!". [ : News]

What happens to the conversation once they've exhausted the topic of the authentic raccoon tail sassily poking out from their chain mail skirt?. [Comments for BrightestYoungThings]

—but it is a handy, sassily insidish, behind-his-back reference to the individual in that office, as in “Is Potus in one of those moods where he wants to see teeth on the sidewalk?”. [No Uncertain Terms]

So we don’t always have “these things called juries,” as you so sassily put it.. [Matthew Yglesias » Enforcement]

“Well, be prepared to be worried, ’cause I don’t have a boyfriend,” Stacie replied sassily, yet she couldn’t tear her eyes off his luscious lips.. [Crazy Love]

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@Amyesaunders1 @CivGame Yes!! In a realistic depiction emphasising her contributions to Swedish culture; both scien…


@dlburns7499: (1/2)And also, everyone can can it over the pink pussy hats & “white feminism”. Trump literally said “grab them by the pus…


supermodel!yujin leading her squad, sassily strutting their way on the stage. 💅🏻

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Sassily Solo | En route to permanent sabbatical
Sassily Solo | En route to permanent sabbatical
A day out in Neemrana | Neemrana Fort Palace | Sassily Solo
A day out in Neemrana | Neemrana Fort Palace | Sassily Solo
Hilarious moment pig sassily struts it's stuff down a busy road
Hilarious moment pig sassily struts it's stuff down a busy road

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