Savings Bank

Definitions of "Savings Bank"

A bank that receives and invests the savings of private depositors and pays interest on the deposits. noun

An institution for the encouragement of the practice of saving money among people of slender means, and for the secure investment of savings, managed by persons having no interest in the profits of the business, the profits being credited or paid as interest to the depositors at certain intervals, as every month (in Great Britain), or every three or six months (as in the United States). noun

A type of financial institution that focuses on retail banking: savings of private depositors, payments, credits and insurances for individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises. noun

A thrift institution in the northeastern United States; since deregulation in the 1980s they offer services competitive with many commercial banks noun

A container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home noun

The word "Savings Bank" in example sentences

A spokesman for CECA, Spain's savings-bank association, said that some developers still have some ability to pay. Spanish Banks Try to Build Their Way Out of Home Glut

Banks also were hit by the decision to increase the rate on savings-bank deposits and to increase the amount lenders must set aside as protection against certain types of bad loans. Indian Shares Tumble, Leading Asian Swoon

These will be merged into a new, single fund after the recent conversion of most of Spain's mutually owned savings-bank sector into traditional commercial banks, Finance Minister Elena Salgado said at a press conference. Spain Moves Ahead With Bank Clean-Up

That reflects optimism that Spain has taken convincing steps to address its fiscal crisis: introducing tough austerity-budget measures, restructuring its troubled savings-bank sector and implementing structural reforms. No Time for Euro Complacency

The savings-bank industry, with just over 100 institutions and 2.4% of the nation's financial assets, is a small niche in South Korea's financial industry. Depositors Swarm Korean Thrifts

South Korea's financial regulators, concerned the savings-bank sector's woes could spill over into the wider economy, have directed certain savings banks to raise capital, merge or seek a buyer. Financial Briefing Book: Jan. 7

A new law stipulates that all financial institutions, even those that maintain the savings-bank structure, will have to fulfill requirements similar to those for listed corporations, in terms of governance and especially of directors' eligibility. Spain's Banks Aren't Going Bust

The official said he has discussed the savings-bank problem with key financial sector executives, who Mr. Kim said "share the opinion that the savings bank situation must not lead to a systemic risk." Woori and Hana May Enter Savings Bank Sector

South Korean regulators will stiffen supervision of the distressed savings-bank sector, imposing tighter caps on the loans the banks can make. What's News

She played in front of the Concourse hoi polloi — councilmen, department-store moguls, savings-bank scions, even the borough president. Lorelei

Germans typically invest their savings conservatively too, preferring savings-bank deposits that offer low interest rates to higher-yielding but riskier investments such as stocks. Germans, Prizing Virtues of Saving, Find Euro Bailouts Hard to Swallow

She played in front of the Concourse hoi polloi — councilmen, department-store moguls, savings-bank scions, even the borough president. Lorelei

South Korean lending giants Woori Finance Holdings and Hana Financial Group said they may acquire some of the troubled banks reeling from real estate loans that went sour, as the country's regulators consider how to prop up the nation's savings-bank sector. Business Watch

Sovereign wealth funds from Qatar and United Arab Emirates have also pledged funds to invest in the savings-bank sector, although the recipients haven't been disclosed. Spain's Bank Rescue Hits Headwinds

The death of Kim Hak-heon, chairman of Ace Mutual Savings Bank, comes as prosecutors are investigating allegations of illegal lending and bribery in the savings-bank industry. Third Apparent Suicide in Korea Savings Bank Scandal

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