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Definitions of "sawdust"

  • The small particles of wood or other material that fall from an object being sawed. noun
  • Collective name for the fine particles (dust) of wood created by sawing. noun
  • Dust or small fragments of wood (or of stone, etc.) made by the cutting of a saw. noun
  • Dust or small fragments of wood, stone, or other material, but particularly of wood, produced by the attrition of a saw. noun
  • fine particles of wood made by sawing wood noun

The word "sawdust" in example sentences

And me, I'm going to be over here obsessing about the ice barges coming down river from the mountains with their precious cargo packed in sawdust and hay.. [i should have read your letters]

His beautiful tables and stools juxtapose various textures and are crafted using a mixture of resin and sawdust from a variety of different woods.. [Lea Bogdan | Inhabitat]

On the island, quinces were traditionally packed in sawdust and stored in north-facing rooms.. [Archive 2008-11-01]

And to-day the sawdust from the great ruthless mill at the head of the stream is fast filling up and spoiling the beautiful wavy stream, narrowing it even to the exclusion of canoes.. [Leaves from Juliana Horatia Ewing's "Canada Home"]

ET), Jones travels to various countries to learn traditional sports — like Switzerland's Schwingen, which is wrestling in sawdust pits that involves grabbing opponents 'belts and rolled-up trousers — and then compete against locals.. [Bengals' Dhani Jones spans globe for constant variety of sport]

Now Aguila dropped to his haunches and seemed to be studying the floor, as if the sawdust were a spread of tea leaves in which he could read Zorrillo's location.. [The Black Ice]

It must be remembered, however, to saw just inside these dovetail-pin lines, otherwise the finished joint will be too slack, owing to the removal of the sawdust, which is practically equal to the thickness of the saw blade.. [Woodwork Joints How they are Set Out, How Made and Where Used.]

A very unsuitable substance, however, was selected for the purpose, viz., sawdust, which is hygroscopic organic, and combustible.. [Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use]

I find them sometimes in a partly-constructed curved passage, beyond which the wood remains intact, sometimes at the end of the straight central gallery, choked with sawdust, which is not continued in front.. [The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles]

The latter mode of completing the curing process has some advantages over the other, as by it the meat is subject to the action of creosote, a volatile oil produced by the combustion of the sawdust, which is powerfully antiseptic.. [The Book of Household Management]

The blocks are packed in sawdust, which is used very much as mortar is used in a stone wall.. [Captains of Industry or, Men of Business Who Did Something Besides Making Money]

The friction, of course, produced a quantity of what, had it been produced by another means, would have been called sawdust; and this he collected at the end of the groove farthest from that part of the board on which he was kneeling.. [John Rutherford, the White Chief]

On this particular occasion the family would drive all night to the next stop on the so-called sawdust trail, a circuit of Southern backwaters where miracles were in high demand.. [NYT > Home Page]

Every household should do composting, which includes using plenty of woodflour (alias sawdust) or dry dustlike soil, dry grass cuttings and other landscape "waste".. [ Main RSS Feed]

I may add that I walked out to the athletic grounds this morning, saw that tenacious black clay is used in the jumping-pit, and carried away a specimen of it, together with some of the fine tan or sawdust which is strewn over it to prevent the athlete from slipping.. [The Adventure of the Three Students.]

The simplified second system adopts a biomass pyrolyzer that produces charcoal and combustible gases using agricultural wastes such as sawdust, rice hulls, coffee bean hulls, cocoshells, and wood chips.. [38. Micro-hydroelectricity potential in rural areas]

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  • Character7
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