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Definitions of "scale"

  • One of the many small platelike dermal or epidermal structures that characteristically form the external covering of fishes, reptiles, and certain mammals. noun
  • A similar part, such as one of the minute structures overlapping to form the covering on the wings of butterflies and moths. noun
  • Pathology A dry thin flake of epidermis shed from the skin. noun
  • A small thin piece. noun
  • Botany A small, thin, usually dry, often appressed plant structure, such as any of the protective leaves that cover a tree bud or the bract that subtends a flower in a sedge spikelet. noun
  • A scale insect. noun
  • A plant disease or infestation caused by scale insects. noun
  • A flaky oxide film formed on a metal, as on iron, that has been heated to high temperatures. noun
  • A flake of rust. noun
  • A hard mineral coating that forms on the inside surface of boilers, kettles, and other containers in which water is repeatedly heated. noun
  • To clear or strip of scale or scales: Scale and clean the fish. verb-transitive
  • To remove in layers or scales: scaled off the old paint. verb-transitive
  • To cover with scales; encrust. verb-transitive
  • To throw (a thin flat object) so that it soars through the air or skips along the surface of water. verb-transitive
  • Dentistry To remove (tartar) from tooth surfaces with a pointed instrument. verb-transitive
  • Australian To cheat; swindle. verb-transitive
  • Australian To ride on (a tram or train, for example) without paying the fare. verb-transitive
  • To come off in scales or layers; flake. verb-intransitive
  • To become encrusted. verb-intransitive

The word "scale" in example sentences

For example: ten spaces on the vernier being made equal to nine on the scale, each vernier space is one tenth less than a scale space; and if the first line or division of the vernier agree exactly with any line of the scale, the next line of the vernier must be one tenth of a tenth (or one hundredth) of an inch from agreement with the next _scale_ division; the following vernier line must be two hundredths out, and so on: therefore, the number of such differences (from the next tenth on the scale) at which a vernier line agrees with a scale line, when set, is the number of hundredths to be added to the said tenth; (in a common barometer, reading only to hundredths of an inch).. [Barometer and Weather Guide]

But until then, the pain scale is all we have and should be used for legal purposes.. [Matthew Yglesias » Marc Thiessen: Obama is Too Good at Killing Terrorists]

The set, smaller in scale, is a progressively decaying wonder that is intact as is La Follie's megalomaniacal attention-grabbing theatrics.. [Archive 2007-08-01]

However, as I began this part of the argument with, the century time scale is short for chaotic transitions in something as highly inertial as the climate system, and it is quite non-chaotic, and in a sense boring and predictable, when you only run these models 100 years.. [Exponential Growth in Physical Systems « Climate Audit]

Conducting a referendum on this scale is a huge challenge and will take a lot of planning and time - which is rapidly running out.. [Louis Belanger: Time running out on Sudan as Security Council visits]

The other scale is the growing unity of conservatism … not necessarily republicans, but those that want, in summary, for America to remain America … complete with traditional ways of life, values, and morals ….. [Cheney says GOP presidential bench still strong]

Another advatage to this scale is the technique of avoiding textual analysis of a hymn or anthem.. [Introducing the Church Music Insipidness Scale]

One of the beauties of using a scale is being able to sub without worrying about the potential differences in volume -- I just zeroed out my scale, added the whole wheat pastry flour to 100 g and then finished it with cake flour, to reach the total of 227 g.. [Sunday Brunch Buttermilk Blueberry Pancakes]

If my scale is accurate (and there is much debate about that) I'm down to 157, and, frankly, I haven't seen the upper/middle range of 150 in a long, long, LONG time.. [Day in the Life of an Idiot]

The 8.5 x 11 size has good detail and the scale is the same throughout.. [2 routes between Queretaro and Puebla on motorcycle]

If the scale is at all correct on the Miller Hull site, these appear to be three or four times wider than a truck.. [LIFECYCLE BUILDING CHALLENGE: Pavilion in the Park | Inhabitat]

One of the first and most successful attempts to understand the overall shape of the Internet occurred a decade ago, when Albert-László Barabási and colleagues at the University of Notre Dame mapped part of the Internet and discovered what they called a scale-free network: connections were not random; instead, a small number of nodes had far more links than most.. [ - News]

This all makes me very hopeful that the president-elect understands the magnitude and long-term scale of our climate and energy challenges.. [Clint Wilder: Barack Obama's Bridge to the 22nd Century]

CO2 levels are low on a long term scale - they have been 8 or 10 times higher.. [WHAT REALLY HAPPENED]

Either way, this seems like an attempt to confuse qualified market share; thus creating a surplus of ads within market and driving short-term scale until advertisers pull the reins on underperforming programs.. [Search Engine Watch]

OSD level and subtitle scale now apply immediately. [VersionTracker: Mac OS X]

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