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Definitions of "scales"

  • Plural form of scale. noun
  • A device for weighing goods for sale. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scale. verb

The word "scales" in example sentences

I asked, holding my nose while talking to Tom who was covered in scales, gray and and gleaming.. [Bringing Them Home]

The requirement for dropping the scales from the eyes is humility.. [Perfecting the Power to Perceive]

Such dwarf novas will not destroy either star, and may occur irregularly on time scales from a few days to tens of years.. [Dawn Before Nova | My[confined]Space]

So much so that hopping on the scales is probably not a good idea at certain times of the month.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Burger Lite 5 March]

Using fissionable material on large scales is crude and inefficient.. [Think Progress » Drilling Is Not The Solution To Create Jobs And Reduce Reliance On Foreign Oil]

I don't know if they are cannibals or not as my knowledge of things with scales is limited to episodes of Primeval.. [Things that keep me from writing.]

Under all those scales is a Turing collar just like every other robot in these kinds of places.. [NaNoWriMo: Date At The Museum « The Graveyard]

The understanding of temporal hierarchy and the formation of dynamic aggregates on different time scales is foundational to the study of network dynamics and has relevance in multiple areas ranging from bacterial strain design and metabolic engineering to the understanding of disease processes in humans.. [A Top-down Approach]

For some people this may be frustrating, as if seeing the author's finger on the scales is cheating.. [REVIEW: Lord Tophet by Gregory Frost]

If the gain scales linearly with the number of people, then the gain from tipping the election times the probability of doing do will grow as the square root of the population size.. [A Poll Tax on Selfishness - Freakonomics Blog -]

Or, of course, you can cut the orange into quarters and slorch the juice and some of the meat out of it, which ends up with getting orange stickiness all over your face and shiny orange skin scales on your fingers and pulp stuck between your teeth.. [Is there a good way to eat an orange?]

The pattern of it's scales is also indicative of a nile croc.. [A Valentine for Gun Nuts]

“The funny side is the fact that we never sleep alone, and even feed the millions of mites that infest our beds with our own skin scales,” says von Bronswijk.. [The 2007 Ig Nobel Prizes]

Chris does a cool thing with powers of 11 to show off the huge range in scales that physical scientists work with.. [Archive 2007-07-01]

Tangle of tones and scales is suspended, the players. [The Tuning]

And so he takes refuge in what he himself calls scales, exercises, _tours de force_ in verse-translation of the most laborious and difficult kind, in ingenious _vers d'occasion_, in metrical experiments and other literary trifling, as his friends think it, of the same sort.. [Amiel's Journal]

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