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Definitions and meanings of "Scampered"

What do we mean by scampered?

To run quickly and lightly, especially in a playful or undignified manner.

The movements of a panty clad female(usually topless) around the house between sexual episodes. Day or weekend long scampering is know as a scamperfest. Usually occuring pre-marriage but scampering can continue after marriage in good relationships. Urban Dictionary

To run or hurry away from something, usually a fat chick at a party. Urban Dictionary

A wet and moist Vagina that has a smell to it, that makes you run away with your nose in the air. Urban Dictionary

What you and your siblings do when your dad comes home drunk Urban Dictionary

One who scampers, usually while in possession of some trinket s/he has light-fingered from a store display, usually out of the store. Urban Dictionary

The most obnoxious word in the English language. Urban Dictionary

A person who is mentally/physically handicapped Urban Dictionary

The awkward dance that you do on your way to the toilet, so you don't shit yourself. Urban Dictionary

When you are either up late at night and get the spooks (like I am at 1:39) or just get spooked out in the dark and get that morphed, scared adrenaline vibe. Slight background movement or change can terrify you and you begin to hear the slightest of sounds, you end up calming your self to sleep or wetting the bed. Urban Dictionary

The shuffling walk you do with your pants and underwear around your ankles when you realize you shit yourself and need to locate a good place to escape your soiled predicament Urban Dictionary

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The word "scampered" in example sentences

Flouncing her long brown hair, she turned in her sneakers and scampered from the dining area of the casita. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Madkin scampered for 14 yards on second down and scored from six yards out on the next play, stretching the lead to 24-14. ❋ Unknown (2000)

The skein of silk became rosy, the armourer worked with renewed energy, the cook puffed with increased zeal, the horsemen scampered from the river, the footmen cast an anxious glance at the fading twilight. ❋ Unknown (1822)

LOS ANGELES—The day after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa declared City Hall Park closed to Occupy Los Angeles protesters, many had packed up and gone home—but hundreds remained and a few scampered up trees to elude police. ❋ Tamara Audi (2011)

“I will inform Her Majesty then,” Dee said, looking anxiously toward the door, through which he scampered scant moments later with speed suggesting that all the imps of hell were nipping at his heels. ❋ Lucy Weston (2011)

The sun-thickened sole of a shoe curled up and young tarantulas scampered through the vegetation. ❋ Annie Proulx (2011)

The kids scampered around, catching crabs, throwing rocks into the raging brown river, and playing tag. ❋ Alan Paul (2011)

Mum and Dad were waiting to greet us at Nadi, and I still remember the moist hot smell of the tropical air as we scampered down the steps onto the wet tarmac, and trotted over to the insubstantial thatched outbuilding that doubled as Nadi International Airport. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It was an awe-inspiring thought: the squirrels who have been decimating our feeders all winter thinking they've scampered out of harm's way when all of a sudden there's a 60-pound, blood-thirsty hound suspended at eye level. ❋ Ralph Gardner Jr. (2012)

Lewis tucked his tail between his legs and scampered away before—boom! ❋ Merrill Markoe (2011)

The Denver crowd exploded when he took advantage of an all-out blitz on a third-and-four and scampered into the end zone from 20 yards out with 58 seconds left in the game. ❋ Chris Herring (2011)

Monceau, Contrecoeur reported, “saw all our Frenchmen coming up close to M. de Jumonville, whilst they were reading the summons, so that they were all in platoons, between the English and the Indians,” at which time Monceau scampered off. ❋ David A. Clary (2011)

I chopped him a new face-hole and scampered for the border, soaking up my fair share of lead in the process. ❋ Ben Abraham (2009)

After my errand I scampered up Lennox Street to Bridge Road while the grey sky thundered and managed to duck into the Tofu Shop before the clouds dumped their load. ❋ Another Outspoken Female (2009)

Manning made smart reads, didn't make many noticeable mistakes outside of once thinking the Giants had a first down on a third and even scampered for a 14-yard run on third down to spark the Giants' first scoring drive going. ❋ Aditi Kinkhabwala (2012)

"Everyone scampered for safety, but the gunmen chanted: 'God is Great, God is Great,' while shooting at us." ❋ Drew Hinshaw (2012)

1. She was over all [weekend] scampering around. 2. We are going to [lock] ourselves [up in this] house and have a scamperfest. ❋ Slipkid (2006)

Dawg, i just scampered away from this Betty [McNasty], I can't belive I away from her huge [gaping] [hagina]!!! ❋ Coby (2003)

That was [one hell of a] scamper. [I ran] so fast from that [ho]. ❋ Sp9ecialK (2003)

"[Quick], [scamper], [dad's] home!" ❋ Minecraft Miner 101 (2018)

Store Detective: "Judging by your cheesy outfit, I had you pegged as a [scamperer] from the moment you walked in!" [Scamperer] (clutching a solid-sterling-silver letter [trivet]): "Are youse [kiddin'], Boss? I wuz gonna buy dis!" ❋ Rok'n'rol Wannabe (2008)

...Scamper. [Fuck]. [I hate myself]. ❋ Captain_Jack (2006)

"hey ted, look at that scamper [jumping up and down] on [the play] set." "[goddam] scampers always gotta show on thursday, they shit all over the place." ❋ Fredrick Ralph Smith (2010)

I had [to shit] [scamper] out of meeting before I made [a mess] on the floor. ❋ TheJames333 (2015)

Kai: Dude that movie last night was crazy, you saw that guys head [come clean] off? Kyle: Yeah man, pretty rad. [I thought you knew] I had [Adrenaline] Scampers though, I was fretting all night. ❋ Owen Is A Hecking Honker (2020)

That fart was more than I bargained for, I pulled down my pants to see it indeed was more than fart, it was [my lunch], I [pamper] scampered to the bathroom, removed all my shame and took [a shower]. ❋ Levy Gravy (2011)

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