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What do we mean by scandalized?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word scandalized. Define scandalized, scandalized synonyms, scandalized pronunciation, scandalized translation, English dictionary definition of scandalized.

N.: The act of creating a scandal. The matching verb: to "scandalate". Urban Dictionary

Something that happens; a series of events. Something that is currently happening, what a person is up to, the news. Urban Dictionary

The propaganda term used by the mainstream media and so-called government 'leaders' in lieu of the word 'CRIME' when describing obvious crimes perpetrated by the 1%. Urban Dictionary

What the Ashleys say on Recess every five seconds. Urban Dictionary

A word used to describe a girl that you can not trust as far as you can throw her. Sometimes girls that are scandalous dress in very risque cheap slutty clothing. They are easy to spot because no matter how big of a douche you are, they look at you like they would give you a lumpkin upon request. The other kind of scandalous hits me a bit closer to home. Sometimes you're at a party and you meet a girl that seems to be hot and from a good family and you end up making out and petting. Naturally you think that you're special and that this girl actually likes you. Unfortunately what ends up happening is she just likes to make out and probably does it all the time. This kind of scandalous girl is a heart breaker and you end up hating them more than anything else in the world. Let that be a lesson. Any girl that puts out before she has spent a lot of time with you is more than likely scandalous even though they may be mighty tempting. Take all red flags seriously. Urban Dictionary

A: One whom miscontrudes the life they are living by covering things up with lies. B: One whom lies, cheats, and can not be trusted due to their actions. C: One who thinks they can get away with stuff, and not get caught, but often slips up and gets caught anyways. Urban Dictionary

Full of scandal, often in reference to something overtly sexual; or at least construed as such. Urban Dictionary

A third party in a relationship. Urban Dictionary

Being naughty or firsky Urban Dictionary

In usage of something that can be deemed risque or out of the normal perimeters in what is accepted in society, to incite a scandal. usually when someone says or does something that will have people talking about them, and how wrong they are. Urban Dictionary

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The word "scandalized" in example sentences

Television news showed this auto da fé in scandalized detail, and pictures of the scene were splashed across the British media for days, making it a major topic of discussion throughout the country. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They gave us Bush’s second term, Congressman Ney, and the coin scandalized governorship, what do we expect. ❋ Unknown (2005)

If they're surprised at the rage against Malek, they should be -- the roster of "scandalized" Republicans who've gone on to become party statesman includes several Nixon-era and Reagan-era figures whom, in the minds of conservatives, were unfairly demonized by the left. ❋ Unknown (2010)

On the other hand, the Halimi family lawyer Francis Szpiner told reporters that he was "scandalized" that other suspects received relatively light sentence recommendations. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And the French people were kind of scandalized by all of the trappings of his dating her but now they're thrilled. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Facts are easily invented and a "scandalized" witness can always be found. ❋ Jacoby, Tamar (1979)

The poor woman, shrieking fearfully, sprang from the funeral pile as the flames surrounded her, but was instantly seized and thrown back into it by the "scandalized" priests. ❋ Various (N/A)

She was running before the wind -- yawing frightfully -- her staysail let down to act as a sort of extra foresail, -- "scandalized," they call it, -- and her foreboom guyed out over the side. ❋ Rudyard Kipling (1900)

For instance, one who believes that a 'high church' form of worship is in some way necessary will be 'scandalized' by contemporary worship and liturgical innovation. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Reilly is frequently "scandalized" and appears to live in a constant state of "outrage." ❋ National Catholic Reporter (2009)

MSNBC. com, King family draws fees from memorial project Scholar: Civil rights leader would have been 'scandalized' by payments Well then that means that the King family needs to clean up it's marketing literature to be more precise, not to grab money from the memorial to their patriarch! ❋ Unknown (2009)

Brown said King's name was "scandalized" when he rejected war. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Savage says his son is "scandalized" by the fact one of his dads writes a dirty column, but the subject matter that's made his column infamous doesn't mean his family's home is a den of iniquity-no coffee table books of gay naked art; no tasteful nudes on the wall; no porn in the DVD player. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Commenters who keep claiming that Americans are "scandalized" by bidets -- I've never heard of any American speak of bidets other than as something that you have in Europe and expensive hotels (arguably the same thing), but not in most people's homes. ❋ Unknown (2009)

[official website] told Nair that he had "scandalized" the nation's judiciary by pleaded not guilty [JURIST report] to the charges earlier this month, said he had no regrets about what he had written. condemned the sentence [press release] as "disproportionate." ❋ Unknown (2008)

"scandalized" him, for it showed a desire for temporal things, which he had never suspected in the clerico. ❋ Alice J. Knight (N/A)

I trust his district will reelect him, because New Yorkers are not so easily scandalized. ❋ Stefanie Iris Weiss (2011)

When [your boss] [kisses] your best friend from work at [the Christmas] party... Now that's some serious scandalation. ❋ Scandalator (2005)

[Hay] man, I heard you and your bird were [breaking up], what's the [scandal]? ❋ Rootdown (2004)

[Benghazi] scandal. [Libor] fraud scandal. [IRS Scandal]. Fast and Furious scandal. Mortgage fraud scandal....etc. ❋ BrainCell (2013)

"[OoOoH], [scanDALous]!" ❋ Evila (2003)

Dude: Damn look at that girl [on that ass]. Bud: Oh you mean the one waiting for the city bus. Look at how scandalous she looks in that princess t-shirt. ------------------------------ ---- ---------------------------------- ---------------- [Reg]: Wow I love this school. The girls seem so polite and tidy. Back [in Detroit] they started fucking at age 14. Moe: Don't be fooled my friend. They may look innocent, but some of the girls up in here are downright scandalous. ❋ I Can't Stand Ball Lickers (2006)

"Damn that girl is scandalous. I found out she had a boyfriend and never told me about it!" "That [scandalous bitch] tried to [hook up with] my best friend while I was [out of town]" ❋ Brian G. (2006)

"Three [bananas] a dog and your best [guy friend]....? [Scandalous]!!" ❋ ChzMstrX (2001)

[Yep]... that [ho] is his scandal. ❋ _girl (2003)

[pul] was so scandalous on [monday night] ❋ ~*~ Marissa ~*~ (2004)

[beefer]: man, i'm trying to get this girl to do the right thing, but she isn't [budging] bro! i may have to slip her a roofie. [t-money]: that shit is scandalous. ❋ Persian Persuasion (2011)

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