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    [19: 07] Prokofy Neva: It's not a "scarum" to ask many many MANY ethical questions about items that will invade the body and cross the blood-brain barrier.. [World of SL]

    Besides, had not her own cousin, -- though a remote and distant one to be sure, the black sheep, the harum-scarum, the ne'er-do-well, -- had not he come down out of that weird North country with a hundred thousand in yellow dust, to say nothing of a half-ownership in the hole from which it came?. [THE ONE THOUSAND DOZEN]

    And yet, he was just turned forty was clear-eyed, calm-hearted, hearty-pulsed, man-strong; and yet, his history, until he was thirty, had been harum-scarum and erratic to the superlative.. [CHAPTER IV]

    Once you get above chapter book level, it seems like almost all new fiction for kids is (or wants to be) thrilling, exciting, harum-scarum, suspenseful, non-stop, etc.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

    They may prefer to dive into a thrilling, suspenseful harum-scarum world when they read.. [My new secret boyfriend]

    The courts affirmed this limited and narrow understanding until the New Deal, when Congress began to regulate harum-scarum and the Supreme Court inflated the clause into a general license for anything a majority happened to favor.. [The Constitutional Moment]

    "It used to be more harum-scarum, but now people are a lot safer," he said.. [Workplace Fatalities Declined Last Year]

    You ever know the kind of story where the harum scarum youngster rises to the occasion, grace under pressure, to do the right thing?. [Supernatural: Point of No Return - Pink]

    Chip was harum-scarum (an expression Madam Ma often used) but he was lovable, not always punctual but someone you could rely on.. [Beard]

    ‘Croker and Lover’, Yeats had written in 1888, ‘full of the ideas of harum-scarum Irish gentility, saw everything humorised’ Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry, ed.. [Later Articles and Reviews]

    Holes are opening and closing in walls, water is floating hither and yon, time is wonky, people are going mad and being killed, it's all very dramatic and harum-scarum.. [Archive 2009-07-01]

    Kennedy's accomplishment in Hollywood was to bring a bottom-line management style worthy of Scrooge to what had been a harum-scarum business.. [The Patriarch in Hollywood]

    The festive, empty ceremony, complete with spade-wielding politicos and Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man," typified the Disney Concert Hall's harum-scarum history: high profile, lofty aspirations and a lot of scrambling behind the scenes.. [The Temple Of Doom?]

    ‘Ow, he is just a wud harum-scarum creature, that wad never take to his studies; daft, sir, clean daft.’. [Redgauntlet]

    A Connecticut delegate to the Continental Congress, Eliphalet Dyer, who had heartily joined in the unanimous decision to make Washington the commander-in-chief, judged him to be no "harum scarum" fellow.. [HISTORY: 1776--WASHINGTON'S WAR]

    Before I begin my harum – scarum day — grinding away at those books and instruments and then galloping up hill and down dale, all the country round, like a highwayman — it does me so much good to come and have a steady walk with our comfortable friend, that here. [Bleak House]

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