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Definitions of "scenes"

  • Plural form of scene. noun

The word "scenes" in example sentences

In a moment of artistic inspiration, Mr. Charney … began the process of taking digital photographs of certain scenes from the movie.. [Archive 2009-05-01]

Are they misspelling messages and words in scenes from the other side?. [Solution to the Fringe Glyph Cipher]

[Editors Note: Couldn't find the verbatim ending of Signs, but this video does contain scenes from the mentioned ending.]. [MIND MELD: Which SciFi Movie Ending Would You Change?]

ScoutWalker is a novel form of Star Wars porn: giant AT-ST Walkers engaged in scenes from the Kama Sutra.. [Boing Boing: November 23, 2003 - November 29, 2003 Archives]

Basically the only negative about the scenes is the lack of sound Dr. Venkman has in most parts of his dialogue.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1113]

But because, in some ways, the ramshackle puppetry behind the scenes is the essence of the original trilogy.. [Princess Leia's cocaine use? Not the worst blow to Star Wars fans.]

It presents itself with this aura of authority, whereas what goes on behind the scenes is anything but.. [The Citizendium Lie]

But I was looking for someone who was comfortable in scenes that were sexual.. [Steven Soderbergh On Casting Porn Star Sasha Grey For ‘The Girlfriend Experience’: ‘[She'll] Surprise People’ » MTV Movies Blog]

It is a little blurry but you will see scenes from the Party Gras Parade and the Main Street Electrical Parade as well as Captain EO, Splash Mountain and the Dick Tracy Stage show.. [1990 Disneyland Commercial - The Retroist]

So I got a small set of flashcards on a ring and started writing out the scenes I had, and tried to fill in scenes I would need.. [Sudden Idea about scenes]

You can see some scenes from the film at our website, freshair. [Zach Galifianakis: A Comedic Actor Takes A Dark Turn]

The dude has some very interesting points, especially in pat 9 when he intercuts scenes with Yoda from Empire Strikes Back with scenes from the prequels.. [Watch This: 90-Minute Video Review of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones | /Film]

One the most moving scenes is Statham's breakdown, where he yells, "Because I'm an impotent Man!". [/Filmcast Ep. 92 - Repo Men (GUEST: Dave3 from Geeks of Doom) | /Film]

(Originally, this woods-set subplot was much longer and more intense, with Cutler devouring animals in scenes described as Apocalypse Now-esque by the creative team.). [David Gordon Green to Make Biopic About Teen Outlaw Colton Harris-Moore | /Film]

The photo above is from one of the deleted scenes from the movie that was actually shot on future earth (read more about it on marketsaw).. [James Cameron To Write Avatar Prequel Novel | /Film]

One of the best scenes is not directly related to the case.. [Weekend Weirdness Review: Police, Adjective (A Superb Dark Comedy About the Absurdity of a Pot Bust) | /Film]

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From @stonemaiergames: 2018 Behind-the-Scenes Stakeholder Report for Stonemaier Games


@zesbaig: Endia is adamant to WIN disgrace Only! Failed in Air Failed on Land Failed in Sea as well MODI has all the badges to declar…




@THR: A "personal, behind the scenes" @JonasBrothers documentary is coming to Amazon


@decentraland: Decentraland's Builder has some handy tools and awesome models, but making engaging scenes still takes creativity! Check…

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