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Hyphenation scle rom e ter
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Definitions and meanings of "Sclerometer"

What do we mean by sclerometer?

An instrument used to determine the relative hardness of a material by measuring the pressure required to penetrate the material with a standard diamond stylus. noun

An instrument for determining with precision the degree of hardness of a mineral. noun

An instrument for determining with accuracy the degree of hardness of a mineral. noun

A device used to measure the hardness of a material by applying pressure to a moving diamond stylus noun

A measuring instrument that measures the hardness of materials by penetrating them with a stylus that has a diamond point noun

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The word "sclerometer" in example sentences

Concrete test hammers, known as sclerometer model "N", are not appropriate, as the impact energy is too high. ❋ Unknown (1991)

The range of measurements should be from 0 to 500 or 800 N, which corresponds to a sclerometer known as model "PT". ❋ Unknown (1991)

The surface hardness of a block can also be measured in a non-destructive way, using a pendulum sclerometer. ❋ Unknown (1991)

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What does sclerometer mean?

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