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Super Scooper is a nickname given to certain amphibious firefighting aircraft built by Canadair, now Bombardier. The family of three aircraft known as "Super Scoopers" are the Canadair CL-215, the CL-215T and the Bombardier 415 turboprop. The aircraft flies at high speed (approximately 100 mph) just above the surface of a lake or reservoir, scooping up copious amounts of water into its belly. In just 12 seconds, the plane can accumulate 1,600 gallons of water, to be subsequently dropped onto nearby fires raging out of control. This scooping ability obviates the need to return to a water "refilling station" which could possibly be very far away. A pilot must be certified to operate a seaplane, to ensure water conditions are safe for scooping (i.e., not having choppy waves).While mostly used to fight Canadian wildfires, this aircraft is also leased to firefighting agencies in the United States for their fire season. It's also flown by several operators of countries from around the world, both in air forces such as Croatia, Greece or Spain; government agencies like in France, Italy or Malaysia and private operators..

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  • Plural form of scooper. noun

The word "scoopers" in example sentences

You bet, the Republicans are the elephants and the Democrats have had to be the one behind them with the pooper scoopers.. [Cheney: Obama pretending we are not at war]

Officially, you're violating the Terms of Service of most of the big social media/email companies and they can reach their technological scoopers in there, check out your private junk and remove it.. [Phil Bronstein: The Virtual World's Mandatory Morality]

I am sure the GOP will cry rabies or poop scoopers.. [Franken's first goal: Dogs for vets]

"In my experience, less than 5% of people know we exist," says Paul Chesler, the new president of Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists , the scoopers' trade group.. [This Business Grows Every Time Fido Does His]

When removing the metal top, the thin rim sliced open two different scoopers 'hands, including Josie (who says she doesn't remember it, but that's the Black Walnut talkin').. [chicken egg and cheese]

Some of the best categories on Angie's List are the more unique ones pooper scoopers remains my all-time favorite!.. [Angie's top 5 gift ideas from the List]

Momma laughs when she sees the ice-cream scoopers puckering back.. [Ruby’s Slippers]

Not the usual leather office throne but a fifties-style chair that resembled one of those nut scoopers at Whole Foods.. [As Husbands Go]

When he gave those with larger bowls a large scooper to dish out the ice cream, they dished out 57 percent more than those given smaller scoopers and smaller bowls.. [The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working]

It's hard to find encouraging business news these days, so it was with some enthusiasm that the New York Times reported recently on a little-known segment of our brave new economy that is going strong: poop scoopers or, as they prefer to be called, animal waste specialists.. [Alfred Gingold: Holy Crap!]

Naturally, the scoopers have their own professional organization.. [Alfred Gingold: Holy Crap!]

We need investigators and analysts, muckrakers and data diggers, catchers, scoopers, finders, see-ers and detectors.. [Three Modest Proposals for Online Journalism's Future]

This is a state of dog and pet owners who support an entire cottage industry of grooming, organic foods, even the services of pooper scoopers that make house calls to clean up what the owners don't have time to do.. [Mary Ann West: What to Do With a Cantankerous Caiman and Other Exotics That No Longer "Fit" In]

Wendy Diamond, leading Pet Lifestyle expert, TV Personality, Animal Rescue Advocate and Editorial director of Animal Fair Magazine gives the scoop on pooper scoopers no matter how little or large the dog poop you're scooping.. [Wendy Diamond: The Scoop on Dog Poop!]

But when faced with such a variety of scoopers, a pet parent can get down in the dumps when deciding which one is right for them.. [Wendy Diamond: The Scoop on Dog Poop!]

Try and avoid scoopers that have small teeth because the poop might fall out.. [Wendy Diamond: The Scoop on Dog Poop!]

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