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Definitions of "scorched"

  • Dried, damaged or burnt by exposure to sunlight or heat. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of scorch. verb
  • Burned; parched with heat.
  • In zoöl., colored as if scorched or singed.
  • having everything destroyed so nothing is left salvageable by an enemy adjective
  • dried out by heat or excessive exposure to sunlight adjective

The word "scorched" in example sentences

I would want to know, and not use the term scorched Earth, but you would go in there and try and determine what it was that actually caused this.. [CNN Transcript Oct 19, 2009]

Mrs. Nooyi said she decided several years ago to stop what she calls the "scorched earth policy" of scrapping for a point or two of market share in the shrinking cola market.. [PepsiCo Chief Defends Her Strategy to Promote 'Good for You' Foods]

"They engage in scorched-earth litigation tactics to get plaintiffs to take toothless settlements," Verheyden-Hilliard said.. [From 2007 to 2009, D.C. paid more than $50 million in legal settlements]

Each battered plate of bark is the size of a dinosaur 's scale, some of them scorched from a long-ago fire.. [Taking Tree-Hugging to New Heights]

They also have to be personally and professionally destroyed in scorched-earth fashion.. [Matthew Yglesias » If You Want to Get Things Done, Use Reconciliation]

This in scorched earth stuff and on the other side the Ashcroft money is being switched to the new marginals in operation Landslide. [Labour Play The Race Card Again]

Years, or at least months from now we will look back on this day and remember that it was the day when it all began†the day when our already charred sensibilities were once again scorched by the flames of idiotic fashions, when long-forgotten fears of echoing, punny rhetorical questions were once again riled, and when the world once again took on that sickly, candy pink, Cosmo-colored hue.. [But What Will The Sex and the City Movie Be About? (Hint: Clothes, Cosmos and Casual Sex) | Best Week Ever]

He bounded up the steps -- "Christie," he said, and the word scorched his lips like audible flame.. [The Moccasin Maker]

"But that woman?" asked Adrienne, as if the word scorched her lips.. [The Wandering Jew — Volume 08]

And so I think that has been the reason for the hesitation to sort of do the so-called scorched earth attacks on -- on Barack Obama, Glenn.. [CNN Transcript Feb 26, 2008]

Would she risk what many people will call a scorched earth policy.. [CNN Transcript May 31, 2008]

BLITZER: And finally, Mr. Halliday, before I let you go, this notion of the Iraqis themselves, the Iraqi military unleashing a so - called scorched-earth policy, blowing up their own oil fields, for example, the way they did the Kuwaiti oil fields upon their retreat from Kuwait, how serious of a concern do you believe that is?. [CNN Transcript Jan 26, 2003]

BLITZER: And how concerned, Senator Graham, should the American public be of the so-called scorched-earth policy that U.S. intelligence fears Saddam Hussein might engage in if there's a war, in fact going so far, they say, as to start killing his own people to blame the United States for those kinds of atrocities?. [CNN Transcript Dec 22, 2002]

Is it meet for any work -- "it," that is, the scorched part still remaining.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

It is called a scorched earth policy, which I assume was always part of the communist armoury.. [ news, business, sport, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Sunday Telegraph]

Admittedly it had some weird things about it, like parts were sort of torn up and the paint on the hood was kind of scorched away or something.. [THE END OF THE COPMAGNET]

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