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Definitions of "score"

  • A notch or incision, especially one that is made to keep a tally. noun
  • Sports & Games A usually numerical record of a competitive event: keeping score. noun
  • Sports & Games The total number of points made by each competitor or side in a contest, either final or at a given stage: The score stood tied in the bottom of the ninth inning. noun
  • Sports & Games The number of points attributed to a competitor or team. noun
  • A result, usually expressed numerically, of a test or examination. noun
  • An amount due; a debt. noun
  • A grievance that is harbored and requires satisfaction: settle an old score. noun
  • A ground; a reason. noun
  • A group of 20 items. noun
  • Large numbers: Scores of people attended the rally. noun
  • Music The notation of a musical work. noun
  • Music The written form of a composition for orchestral or vocal parts. noun
  • Music The music written for a film or a play. noun
  • Slang The act of securing an advantage, especially a surprising or significant gain: "He had dropped out of school and gone for that quick dollar, that big score” ( Peter Goldman). noun
  • Slang The act or an instance of buying illicit drugs. noun
  • Slang A successful robbery. noun
  • Slang A sexual conquest. noun
  • To mark with lines or notches, especially for the purpose of keeping a record. verb-transitive
  • To cancel or eliminate by or as if by superimposing lines. verb-transitive

The word "score" in example sentences

Here is hoping for an improvement in score from a ‘D’ to at least a ‘B’ (or ‘B+’) when you next put ‘pen to paper’.. [Hey, we’re social! (not) « pwcom 2.0]

The piano and violin score is haunting and reminiscent of The Nines.. [TIFF Review: What Doesn’t Kill You | /Film]

To be honest Madge is pretty awful in almost every movie role she chooses Evita was a musical performance above anything else, but Die Another Day bears special mention for both her equally dogawful contribution to the title score, and hopelessly flimsy cameo appearance as a lesbian fencing instructor who jabs "I don't like cockfights".. [The Razzies: Yup, Basic Instinct 2 Is A Big Bag Of Toss]

And the score is a hodgepodge of dreamy ballads, folk and patriotic song parodies and dense bits of sprechstimme, or speak-singing.. [Solas Nua's first musical, the loopy 'Improbable Frequency']

Personally, I really think that this score is awesome.. [Sample the Rejected Rock Score for The Wolfman | /Film]

The facetious response would have involved the word "score".. [Steve Kean blind to the only stat that matters to misfiring Blackburn]

If this score is as good – or, dare I say, better – than the NM score, I shall be one happy girl!. [Twilight Lexicon » Eclipse Score Is Completed]

Lot of dust flying but in the end the score is the same.. [Clinton in Liberia for meeting with president]

"It doesn't matter what the score is after 3, 4, 5, there's still a lot of game left," Jeter said.. [Yankees Down Twins With Late Teixeira Home Run]

A soundtrack album of the score is available from Varese Sarabande Records on August 4, 2009.. [Helsing Movie | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

In this case, the score is achieved by simply promising to not do something that is actually being done simultaneously in separate legislation.. [Matthew Yglesias » All Deficit Reduction Plans Involve Promises About Future Action]

The title implies an entrant into the American declinism literature, but the thesis offered on this score is actually extremely mild.. [Matthew Yglesias » The End of Influence]

Your score is the center number of the placed tile.. [Scrabble + Dominos = Monopoly Loads of Fun!]

Please advise what to do - I applied so frequently my score is almost at ground: My friend said that Bank of America issues cards for students ansd I need one for purchases.. [IT'S NOT DOGGY ENOUGH - PART II]

Also, you guys talking about how much you despised the score is also quite good.. [Ninjas have been Nominated : The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas]

When you play a seven-game series, and the score is the way it is, I think you need to get involved.. [ - Tortorella: Fights part of playoffs]

Score on Social Media

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Denelle Pedrick scores a 9.850 on The Beam! Her All-Around score sums up to a 39.275! #FireUpChips 🔥👆


@mcspocky: # @BettyBowers Oh, honey . . . don't you want to score at least ONE point before the most successful Witch Hunt in history…


@PHLEaglesNation Really hope they score here. Don’t think we can win if they don’t


@alanshearer how many hatrick did you score for @Rovers?? 🔥🔥🔥⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️


@philadlam: Classic bants from Mike Dean. You didn’t score the hat-trick, stop stealing the limelight. Referees 😶 #MCICHE …

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