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What does the word scratchless mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word scratchless in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with scratchless and anagrams of scratchless.

Definitions of "scratchless"

  • Without a scratch; unscathed, spotless. adjective

The word "scratchless" in example sentences

She could not imagine a scratchless life except perhaps in Italy.. [The Silver Spoon]

Ms. Solette, scratchless physically, destroyed emotionally, was spirited away to an undisclosed location, with her dog.. [Enemy Within]

COSMETICS 10/10 not the actuall pic but yung headstock lang ang iba .. scratchless and almost new .. or trade to stratocaster o telecaster type guitar. [TALK @ - The Online Home of the Pinoy Musician]

The player is flawless, meaning its scratchless, except for one minor scratch on the outside top.. [craigslist | for sale / wanted in seattle-tacoma]

Almost scratchless except very minor scratches at the umd ring. []

My set is in a tip top, scratchless and mint condition.. []

MWTS > iPhone 3gs 32gb - 3 days old, white color, scratchless. []

Made out of silk, these jewelry holders are lined with velvet to keep mom's precious jewels scratchless and contained when she travels.. [Vail Daily - Top Stories]

But if you put in a scratchless BR disc in a decent cheap player, it should provide the same playback results.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Gadgets]

The smooth, curved surface of the metal dots makes them completely safe and scratchless to use on your touch screen.. [TreoCentral]

- Full complete box, with full accessories (charger, data cable, earpiece, USB adapter, SIM pin ejector) - Usual hairline scratches on the chrome bezel, Almost scratchless on the apple logo, LCD protected by screen protector since Day 01. []

I have a samsung omnia 2 in excellent scratchless condition.. []

The dots 'smooth curved surface provides safe scratchless use.. [ Podcast]

letting this go for $240, got it from epicenter less than a year ago, right before the 3rd gen came out. cosmetics is 7.5/10. the cover and protective film has worn out quite abit, but it has kept it almost scratchless. comes with the cable only.. []

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@shuaijerks what’s making me even angrier is that miss ari is getting out of it scratchless, without even an excuse…


I notice that Necklace Enraged Broly can take a punch from God Vegeta. I’m shook. He looks practically scratchless through all 3 trailers


The coolest move I di however was in he Porsche wwih athur went thrwe a gap no bigger than half a car. Was on the f…

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SAICON - Scratchless repair Upvc Profile holes, dent and scratch
SAICON - Scratchless repair Upvc Profile holes, dent and scratch
PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Demo , Scratchless and Water Saving Product
PROKLEAR Waterless Car Wash Demo , Scratchless and Water Saving Product
Scratchless Car Drying - Chemical Guys After Wash
Scratchless Car Drying - Chemical Guys After Wash

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