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Definitions of "scrunches"

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scrunch. verb

The word "scrunches" in example sentences

Anakin scrunches up his cute little face and concentrates on the Yar-Yar bird.. [Why We Need A New Star Wars Holiday Special]

If he had lost what had hovered before him he had lost it, his only tribute to which proposition was to grind his teeth with one of those "scrunches," as he would have said, of which the violence fairly reached his ear.. [The Finer Grain]

"This is a golf course that it kind of scrunches the field a little bit," said Joe Ogilvie, who joined that group after a 66.. [ News]

She wipes her nose with the inside of her wrist, scrunches her face into a snuffle.. [A CHRISTMAS PACKAGE • by Cathryn Grant]

The crew tried to feed a tube into the box so he could sip water afterward, but that proved too tricky and now he simply scrunches in the space and tries to catch his breath.. [A British Star With a Midwestern Accent]

Shaffer scrunches up his shoulders, tosses up his hands.. [Meet The Middle Scene Stealer Atticus Shaffer]

BILLY PUTS HIS Budweiser on the tackle box, scrunches his eyebrows together hard.. [Monkeytown prologue/chapter first]

When she returns to Galactica after rescuing Anders and he takes the bit of hair out of her eye and she scrunches her nose.. [Seven Greatest Adama and Starbuck Moments]

Just look at her nose, which she scrunches when she sings love songs; at how she doesn't sing to us in the audience but to a destiny that she hopes will throw her a crumb.. [James Scarborough: Little Shop of Horrors, STAGEStheatre, Fullerton]

“But first they have to get up the stairs, so I have another minute, one eternal minute of not getting out of bed bliss.” she thinks to herself as she scrunches the cover up closer to her.. [Superhero Nation: how to write superhero novels and comic books » CarsonArtist’s Review Forum]

She is pale skinned and perhaps in her forties or possibly older; her hair blends from blonde to grey as it is entering the menopausal phase when women's hair shrinks into tight curly balls and sits on top of their heads like scrunches of wool, blowing in the wind, hanging from the mouths of recently shot deer.. [The Garden Heaters Of Kilburn]

He scrunches his face, wrinkles his brow, stands close, stands back, and does everything but lick the canvas.. [The Frida Fighters]

He thinks about her smile and the way her nose scrunches when she laughs.. [The Secret]

The sarge tosses down the dregs and scrunches up his face and shudders his head and emanates abbrbbbrbbbrrrshivering sort of sound off his lips.. [cyclops]

The force of it bowls half the farmyard first onto a motorcycle and then onto a steamroller, which topples statues and scrunches through a zoo.. [After Uplift, Ka-Chow!]

Bat scrunches up his face as he tries to remember.. [Heaven’s Fury]

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@pipertaetae: when taehyung scrunches his nose every time he laughs 🥺


@pipertaetae: when taehyung scrunches his nose every time he laughs 🥺


@pipertaetae: when taehyung scrunches his nose every time he laughs 🥺


@pipertaetae: when taehyung scrunches his nose every time he laughs 🥺


@pipertaetae: when taehyung scrunches his nose every time he laughs 🥺

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