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In sewing, a seam is the join where two or more layers of fabric, leather, or other materials are held together with stitches. Prior to the invention of the sewing machine, all sewing was done by hand. Seams in modern mass-produced household textiles, sporting goods, and ready-to-wear clothing are sewn by computerized machines, while home shoemaking, dressmaking, quilting, crafts, haute couture and tailoring may use a combination of hand and machine sewing.In clothing construction, seams are classified by their type (plain, lapped, abutted, or French seams) and position in the finished garment (center back seam, inseam, side seam). Seams are finished with a variety of techniques to prevent raveling of raw fabric edges and to neaten the inside of garments..

What does the word seamed mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word seamed in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with seamed and anagrams of seamed.

Definitions of "seamed"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of seam. verb
  • Out of condition; not in good condition. adjective
  • Out of condition; not in good condition; -- said of a hawk. adjective
  • In falconry, not in good condition; out of condition: said of a falcon.
  • having or joined by a seam or seams adjective
  • (used especially of skin) marked by lines or seams adjective

The word "seamed" in example sentences

Susan made the table cloth from two panels of plaid fabric, which she appropriately "seamed" together with safety pins.. [RVABlogs]

Its world is second to none, so captivating and deep that its 'seamed' landscape, identical NPCs and infrequent loading screens feel entirely natural.. [Edge Online - Interactive Entertainment Today]

Well obviously nothing beats SitL/FotD for BAD episodes for me, those fail on virtually every level from concept right through end product there is no redeeming factor as far as I'm concerned except maybe how totally not into it DT seamed half the time.. ["We never did a bad episode?" RTD says about DW.]

Everything seamed to be starch based, which shouldn't be nearly as good of a binder. idogis1. [Reduce Or Eliminate Eggs With These Egg Substitutes | Lifehacker Australia]

What about programs that run on a mac? that would then be used to recover data from another hard drive, all the apps you showed seamed to be running on a pc .... [Five Best Free Data Recovery Tools | Lifehacker Australia]

Previously married to rocker Marilyn Manson, Dita is instantly recognizable for her classic pin-up girl look: jet-black dyed and curled hair, seamed stockings, overdrawn lips.. [Amanda Christine Miller: Dita von Teese Talks To GMA Now About Her Transformation From Small Town Sweetheart To Big Time Seductress (VIDEO)]

"The whole costume was darted and seamed until it was 2 inches smaller than any of my measurements everywhere except the bust," she wrote.. [The Bunny Is Back]

It is surprising, in so short a time, how lean their faces have grown, how lined and seamed.. [CHAPTER XXXV]

For around $100 more you can look at the Burris Fast Fire II which seamed to get universal acclaim.. [Red - Dot Scopes]

He seamed to act to big for his britches when all the officer was trying to do is protect Mr. Gates property.. [First on the CNN Ticker: GOP questions Obama's police criticism]

If you have seen photos of her in a garter belt and silk seamed stockings, you have seen feminine perfection.. [Roger Stone: StoneZone's 2011 Best and Worst Dressed]

The last of the Elizabeth Arden moisturiser helps smooth some of the wrinkles in her seamed face.. [BAG LADY BLUES • by Mark Dalligan]

The nitty-gritty graphics really seamed to work for this game.. [Bleep, Bleep. Bloop, Bloop. Video Games. 10-18/24-09 « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more]

His face was creased and seamed, his black hair combed over a narrow skull.. [Bird Cloud]

It is a princess seamed dress with no zip and back ties.. [Norwegian Artist Hans Gude, 1825-1903]

The ball swung and seamed and the first-innings scores reflected the conditions, England making 196 to West Indies' 173.. [Graham Gooch's finest hour: when the runs flowed in the face of fear | Mike Selvey]

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@MakeUpLove18: No matter how long time passes, a bond seamed together will never come loosed. #love #breakup #quotes


No matter how long time passes, a bond seamed together will never come loosed. #love #breakup #quotes


@mirragraham @princessnokia Well you seamed really pressed about it earlier. Just wanted to get you up to speed. It…

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