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What does the word secluded mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word secluded in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with secluded and anagrams of secluded.

Definitions of "secluded"

  • Removed or remote from others; solitary. adjective
  • Screened from view; sequestered. adjective
  • Hidden, isolated, remote. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of seclude. verb
  • Separated from others; withdrawn from public observation; retired; living in retirement: as, a secluded spot; to pass a secluded life.
  • hidden from general view or use adjective
  • providing privacy or seclusion adjective

The word "secluded" in example sentences

“grew beneath her parents eyes” is a meaning opposite to the text. she dwelt απο προγονων [3] — this you have rendered too laxly in secluded from the world.. [Letter 138]

February 22nd, 2009 at 3: 29 pm eastern Kentucky, where the growing often takes place in secluded spots on NPS land. [Matthew Yglesias » The Virtue of Quasi-Legal Status for Marijuana]

Here and there, in secluded portions of the world, still linger a few of man's fiercer enemies.. [Revolution]

We wrote a lot of it in secluded, rural, upstate NY, and trying to fill every possible space with sound wasn't as much of a priority -- possibly in part because we could hear so much better.. [Jon Chattman: Entering The Orchard with Ra Ra Riot]

Female deer leave their fawns in secluded spots while they forage for food.. [Elderly Women Charged With Beating Fawn To Death]

Phelps quotes a letter Bourne sent to a friend shortly thereafter, in which he laments that I feel very much secluded from the world, very much out of touch with my times ….. [Happy Birthday Randolph Bourne « Blog]

Up till now, the practice was encouraged at stately homes around the country where "pee bales" have been deposited in secluded areas of National Trust gardens to allow male members of staff to relieve themselves.. [An Ominous Story]

Apparently, it is felt much cheaper to now lock people away in secluded areas than to actually spend their NI contributions on treating them.. [Village of Mystery]

"'The sightings are in secluded villages where there are no cars or telephones so news travels by word of mouth.'". [Archive 2008-08-01]

The quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.. [Video streaming etiquette and privacy violations]

The parking stalls were pretty secluded from the main parking lot.. [Hit and Runners]

Most of them operate in secluded online zones known as the darknet.. [King Kong vs The Pirates!]

The work area was completely secluded from the rest of the house.. [Jack London's Wolf House: A Unique Memorial At State Park]

Despite our great indoor love of free, fresh air, an invalid, especially if suspected of visitation by the Evil One, is rigidly secluded from the outer atmosphere, and his room, as well as the whole house, vigorously fumigated.. [Memoirs of an Arabian Princess]

Supposing one was newly wed and was bubbling over in ecstacy of joy, then give one an English railway compartment, where two just made one can be secluded from the eyes of a cold, sneering public, who are just as great fools under the same conditions, although they would deny it if one told them so.. [Nellie Bly's Book: Around the World in Seventy-Two Days]

An innate kindness of heart, and true delicacy of sentiment would prompt a lady who possessed numerous acquaintances at a hotel, to speak to those who had none; and yet, how often we see at Saratoga, Newport, Cape May, and the White Mountains, sets of ladies and gentlemen who keep themselves entirely secluded from the company of other visitors.. [A Manual of Etiquette with Hints on Politeness and Good Breeding]

Secluded Translates

TurkishSecluded English to Turkish Translate
s. ayrılmış; kapalı; bir kenara çekilmiş; ırak; mahfuz, saklı, korunmuş.s. ayrılmış; kapalı; bir kenara çekilmiş; ırak; mahfuz, saklı, korunmuş.

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Top 10 most secluded towns in United States of America. Some Footage from FreewayJim
Top 10 most secluded towns in United States of America. Some Footage from FreewayJim

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  • Pronunciations(sĭ-klo͞oˈdĭd)
  • Character8
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