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Section, Sectioning or Sectioned .

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Definitions of "sections"

  • Plural form of section. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of section. verb

The word "sections" in example sentences

Searching other sections is also possible via the drop-down More menu.. [Web Teacher › Can you be won away from Google search?]

The ordinance was expected to be introduced back on Feb. 24, but Unger requested that certain sections be rewritten to strengthen the role of the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission.. [2009 May 21 « Beachwood Historical Alliance]

In a short period of time, I found myself wanting to go back to the site to get better at certain sections or to earn more Experience Points, which result in badges and unlock new levels of study, both of which can be optionally posted to outside networks like Facebook or Twitter.. [SAT Prep on the Web: A) a Game; B) Online Chat; C) All of the Above]

My disclaimer, here and in the other sections, is there not for those people but for any attorney that they might hire.. [Kristine Kathryn Rusch » 2009 » December]

“Points of View: an Anthology of Short Stories” is my current read and is published in sections based on point of view.. [Interior Monologues in Writing « Write Anything]

Basically, he gets a spray conditioner brushed through his coat in sections, which are then combed out.. [i do my best but i am made of mistakes]

Jotwell will be organized in sections, each reflecting a subject area of legal specialization.. [ Jotwell: The Journal of Things We Like (Lots)]

"As used in sections 3, 6, and 25 of Article II of the state constitution, the term" person "shall apply to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being.". [Kierra Johnson: Where's the woman?]

Without hesitation or even very many questions, he handed me, the first time we met, a sheaf of irreplaceable documents -- certain sections of my book fairly wrote themselves after this.. [Janet Byrne: Nicole Krauss's 'Great House' Reviewed]

At least two of her aunts live in sections of the city that are not in the D.F., but are in México State.. [Retiring in Yucatan]

I'm more likely to pick it up now that I have your permission to read it in sections because I don't think I'd make it cover to cover.. [Book Review: Pink Brain, Blue Brain by Lise Eliot]

The book is divided into two main sections, the Critique of Aesthetic Judgment and the Critique of Teleological Judgment, and also includes a large overview of the entirety of the Critical system, arranged in its final form.. [Capsule Summaries of the Great Books of the Western World]

I think your hair is braid-able in sections but not all into one braid.. [TGIF]

My hyper-personalized online classroom directs me to the text, which I read in sections, rating each one to mark my level understanding.. [Angie McQuaig: How To Hyper-Personalize Education]

If the 3D Fin Ray® structure of the head and tail sections is transferred to the requirements of automation technology, it can be used for instance in a flexible tripod with a very large scope of operation in comparison with conventional tripods.. [The Future of Bionics Inspired by Nature | Impact Lab]

In 1975, the Reform Movement introduced some gender-inclusive language in English sections of its new prayer book, Gates of Prayer, and published fully gender-sensitive versions for Sabbath and weekdays in 1992.. [Jewish Feminism in the United States.]

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@UtdAIii: Biggest indictment on Mourinho is the fact he had us 11 points behind these lot and had certain sections of our fanbase thinki…


@CEARefugio: Gritos, disparos, llantos. El mar no suena igual para todos. Quienes han sobrevivido a él, no recomiendan este difícil y pe…

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Indian penal code sections 23 chapters and 511 Section in telugu. Part-1
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  • PronunciationsS EH1 K SH AH0 N Z
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation


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