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Definitions of "secular"

  • adjective
  • Worldly rather than spiritual. adjective
  • Not relating to religion or to a religious body; nonreligious. adjective
  • Not bound by the full monastic rule of a religious order. Used of clergy. adjective
  • Relating to or advocating secularism. adjective
  • adjective
  • Occurring or observed once in an age or century, as games in ancient Rome. adjective
  • Lasting or persisting for a long time. adjective
  • Of or relating to characteristics of astronomical phenomena that change slowly over time. adjective
  • A member of the secular clergy. noun
  • A layperson. noun
  • Celebrated or occurring once in an age or a century.
  • Going on from age to age; accomplished or taking place in the course of ages; continued through an indefinite but long period of time; not recurrent or periodical, so far as known: as, secular change of the mean annual temperature; the secular cooling or refrigeration of the globe; the secular inequality in the motion of a planet.
  • Living for an age or ages; permanent.
  • Of or pertaining to the things of time or of this world, and dissociated from or having no concern with religious, spiritual, or sacred matters or uses; connected with or relating to the world or its affairs; concerned with mundane or temporal matters; temporal; worldly; profane: as. secular affairs; the secular press; secular education; secular music.
  • Lay, as opposed to clerical; civil. See def. 4.
  • Living in the world, not in the cloister; hence, not bound by monastic vows or rules, nor subject to a monastic order: used especially of parish priests and other non-monastic clergy, as distinguished from the monastic or regular clergy.
  • Synonyms Temporal, etc. see worldly.
  • l. A layman. noun

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Secular Word Data

  • Pronunciationssĕk′yə-lər
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation sec u lar


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