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A sedative or tranquilliser is a substance that induces sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. They are central nervous depressants and interact with brain activity causing its deceleration. Various kinds of sedatives can be distinguished, but the majority of them affect the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which are brain chemicals performing communication between brain cells. In spite of the fact that each sedative acts in its own way, they produce beneficial relaxing effect by increasing GABA activity.At higher doses it may result in slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgment, and slow, uncertain reflexes. Doses of sedatives such as benzodiazepines, when used as a hypnotic to induce sleep, tend to be higher than amounts used to relieve anxiety, whereas only low doses are needed to provide a peaceful effect.Sedatives can be misused to produce an overly-calming effect (alcohol being the classic and most common sedating drug). In the event of an overdose or if combined with another sedative, many of these drugs can cause unconsciousness (see hypnotic) and even death..

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  • Plural form of sedative. noun

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The sedatives were a fortunate anesthetic that dulled the physical abuse.. [Blue Rage, Black Redemption]

To him those waiting for death who sought non-failing amusement in the waves which acted as their sedatives were a lost and lifeless abhorrence.. [An Apostate: Nawin of Thais]

These substances have by physicians been called sedatives: and though the existence of such bodies is denied by Dr. Brown, yet we are constrained to admit them; nor do their effects seem incapable of being explained on the principle laid down, especially if we call in the aid of chemistry.. [Popular Lectures on Zoonomia Or The Laws of Animal Life, in Health and Disease]

The most commonly used drugs identified in drug-related suicides were psychoactive drugs, such as sedatives and antidepressants, followed by opiates and prescription pain medications (WONDER 2007).. [Poison]

It generally subsides by the use of family remedies, such as sedatives, astringents, and palliative diets.. [Philosophy of Osteopathy]

The spa can't dispense medication, such as sedatives and pain pills.. [Memphis Commercial Appeal Stories]

WASHINGTON, Oct. 24 (UPI) -- A U.S. study found some doctors regularly prescribe active drugs such as sedatives and antibiotics as placebo treatments.. [Latest News -]

Many rheumatologists and general internal medicine physicians in the US say they regularly prescribe "placebo treatments" including active drugs such as sedatives and antibiotics, but rarely admit they are doing so to their patients, according to a study on. [Scientific Blogging]

Fine testified that even if Smith was prescribed 1,500 pills in one month for pain, it did not mean she was an addict – that clinical factors had to be considered as well as her high tolerance for opiates and sedatives.. [Anna Nicole Smith Verdicts Will Resonate For Doctors, Patients Using Prescription Pain Medicine]

Certain heart medications, blood pressure-lowering drugs, muscle relaxants, sedatives and other drugs can make incontinence worse.. [10 Things That Can Make Incontinence Worse]

In a haze of sedatives, Haghjoo told him he'd been shot.. [Gay Iranian Refugee Says He Can't Return Home]

She had come in from Vibanda to look them over, to check for injuries, to give them sedatives.. [The Laugh]

When I flashed my eyes the doctors thought I was fitting and gave me more sedatives.. ['I do feel happy' – living with locked-in syndrome]

Murray also purchased sedatives known as benzodiazpines, Lopez testified.. [Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Bought Huge Stash Of Drugs For Singer: Detective]

He told police he gave him the sedatives lorazepam and midazolam intravenously and supplied a valium pill, but nothing seemed to work.. [Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Bought Huge Stash Of Drugs For Singer: Detective]

Murray said he immediately connected an intravenous tube to the singer's leg and began giving him sedatives, according to Martinez.. [Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Bought Huge Stash Of Drugs For Singer: Detective]

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I must be the only person that sedatives don’t work on. Took it 90 minutes ago and I actually feel more awake now 😂.


@realDonaldTrump You need some powerful sedatives.


Taking my meds that have heavy sedatives in with a caffeine filled drink was... a choice

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CNS Pharmacology- Sedatives & Hypnotics Part 1
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