Word SEE
Character 3
Hyphenation see
Pronunciations /siː/

Definitions and meanings of "See"

What do we mean by see?

The official seat, center of authority, jurisdiction, or office of a bishop. noun

A cathedra. noun

To perceive with the eye. intransitive verb

To detect by means analogous to use of the eye. intransitive verb

To attend or view as a spectator. intransitive verb

To refer to or look at. intransitive verb

To become aware of or apprehend. intransitive verb

To find out or ascertain, often by moving. intransitive verb

To take note of; recognize. intransitive verb

To consider to be; regard. intransitive verb

To have a mental image of; visualize. intransitive verb

To foresee or imagine. intransitive verb

To know through firsthand experience; undergo or experience. intransitive verb

To be characterized by; be the time for. intransitive verb

To be subjected to; undergo. intransitive verb

(stative) To perceive or detect with the eyes, or as if by sight.

To form a mental picture of.

(social) To meet, to visit.

To be the setting or time of.

(by extension) To ensure that something happens, especially while witnessing it.

To wait upon; attend, escort.

To respond to another player's bet with a bet of equal value.

To determine by trial or experiment; to find out (if or whether).

(used in the imperative) To reference or to study for further details.

To examine something closely, or to utilize something, often as a temporary alternative.

To include as one of something's experiences.

Word used from 1920s-1950s at end of sentences. Urban Dictionary

When light comes from a source and hits something it reflects the light while some of it doesn't. when the reflected light or a light which hasn't been reflected comes to a certin place in the eye called the pupil. there we accualy see it upside-down untill our brain turns it back to right-side-up. And then our brain tells us what the objects are. That is how we see. Urban Dictionary

To fight or to challenge. Urban Dictionary

Northern Irish term meaning snog, or generally to get off with. millies Urban Dictionary

To fight Urban Dictionary

A word people used at the end of sentences in the 1920s-1950s Urban Dictionary

See saw Urban Dictionary

The sound an eyeball makes Urban Dictionary

To perceive something with your eyes. Urban Dictionary

To meet up for a sexual encounter in the work restroom. Urban Dictionary

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The word "see" in example sentences

It takes me 45 minutes and I usually see one of the four following people: crazy chatty religious woman; former classmate I pretend not to see& who pretends not to see me; cute guy who always looks a bit sad, a bit drunk; and a woman I fear is compensating for her weight with enormous accessories, despite the fact that she is beautiful. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Oooo... see... for us visual people, we like to *see* our stuff. ❋ BunnyKissd (2007)

The next pit stops I can see are Promos and ALevels and after that I can only see a vast void that stretches as far as the eye can see… ❋ J-gan (2005)

Louis began to realize how much he had wanted to see Prill ... to see her free of the ARM ... to * see* her. ❋ Niven, Larry (1980)

Her own power of realization, assured her on this point -- nobody could see, not divine but _see_, as she did, without being able to reproduce; the one implied the other. ❋ Sara Jeannette Duncan (N/A)

Not only will you see the chances for success that are all about you, but you will _see into_ them. ❋ Norval A. Hawkins (N/A)

Herbert! don't you see, _won't you see_, that, if you leave the one great sin all uncovered, open to the continual attrition of a life of goodness, God _will_ let it wear away? ❋ Various (N/A)

"It is a general rule on all regular plantations, that the slaves be in the field as _soon as it is light enough for them to see to work_, and remain there until it is _so dark that they cannot see_." ❋ American Anti-Slavery Society (N/A)

For treatment see that the feet are warm, bathing them if necessary (_see_ Bathing Feet). ❋ John Kirk (N/A)

TLACHIQUEBO (_Aztec_, tlacbiqui, an overseer, from tlachia, to see), a labourer in an aloe-field, who draws the juice for pulque; _see_ p. 36. ❋ Edward Burnett Tylor (N/A)

The wolf that wills it can easily see the lamb disturbing the water that he drinks, even while the lamb is below him on the bank of the stream; and the lamb, by a stern resolve, can refuse to _see_ the injustice which it has no power to remedy. ❋ Various (N/A)

What comforts me in this life is, that I now see Him _by faith_; and I see Him in such a manner as might make me say sometimes, _I believe no more, but I see_. ❋ Of The Resurrection Lawrence (N/A)

The people are all starting well, we are in excellent spirits, and are in proper season for the crops; and "if God spare life," "if nothing strange happens," "if we live to see," we shall "_see_ crop make, sir." ❋ Elizabeth Ware [Editor] Pearson (N/A)

She wanted to see her sister; she wanted to _see_ if this ---- ❋ Dorothy Canfield Fisher (1918)

‘The horses can be taken out and I will see no one, ’ he said in answer to the porter, with a certain pleasure, indicative of his agreeable frame of mind, emphasising the words, ‘see no one. ❋ Unknown (1917)

Well, if ever I do see the merry days of desolation that I have seen, some shall see— ❋ Unknown (1914)

If they don't see me -- hearing from me won't do, you understand, for a situation is conceivable, of course, when I might be coerced into sending a message or telephoning one -- if they don't _see_ me personally, the packet will be opened -- and eventually, after the Texas Purchase is adjusted, they will find their way into the possession of the District ❋ Ethel Watts Mumford (1909)

your through, see. Were gonna [go in] [through the back door],see. and then will get the security [guards] ❋ Vgbbgnhinh (2010)

Two [bous] were palying [hide and seek]: 1:"I see you!" 2:"Than [where am i]?" 1:"behind the tree" 2:"How do you know?" 1:"The light reflected from you and the reflected light hit my pupil. when the light came to my eyes it was sent to my brain and understood." 2:"dude?" 1:"ya?" 2:"home free." ❋ Hot-gal (2007)

If he don't [like it], then he can [come see me]. ❋ Dark Arsonist (2005)

"[Will you] [see me] [tonight]" ❋ Bedhead (2003)

If you have [a problem] then [come] "see" me! ❋ Dark Arsonist (2004)

He aint never [comin] back, see. We'll sneak in [through the back door], see. Then will get the security [guards]. just watch some old movies and youll know what im talkin about ❋ Oldiesguy1 (2010)

❋ Anonymous (2003)

SEEEEEEEEEEE! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! isn't that the sound...[umm]... [eyeballs] make? -->[Homestar Runner] ❋ The Wraith (2003)

see my [beautiful] [big cock]! ❋ Wrongsideoftheprism (2003)

[Hey], [come see me] at [five]. ❋ John12345678901 (2009)

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