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Pronunciations /siːdz/

Definitions and meanings of "Seeds"

What do we mean by seeds?

A fertilized and ripened ovule, containing an embryonic plant.

Any small seed-like fruit.

Any propagative portion of a plant which may be sown, such as true seeds, seed-like fruits, tubers, or bulbs.

(collective) An amount of seeds that cannot be readily counted.

A fragment of coral.


A precursor.

The initial state, condition or position of a changing, growing or developing process; the ultimate precursor in a defined chain of precursors.

Offspring, descendants, progeny.

Race; generation; birth.

A small bubble formed in imperfectly fused glass.

What you don't want to find in your weed. Urban Dictionary

Common slang for sunflower seeds. Urban Dictionary

Number of users with the file on a file sharing network. Also, a variable number in an algorithm that changes based on this number, "the seed". Urban Dictionary

Sperm Urban Dictionary

When one dude cums inside another dude who is really horny and he wants to own him with his cum so he pushes it all inside him and makes him take every last drop of it with no condom holding it back Urban Dictionary

Meaning either your sperm, which you plant to grow a 'child' or a child which you have to feed to make him/her grow. Urban Dictionary

The act of enabling files for redistribution for Torrents and other file sharing systems. Urban Dictionary

Child. Urban Dictionary

Children Urban Dictionary

To impregnate a or planning the seed on your gf or some random hoe. It could be done illegitimately or legitimately. Urban Dictionary

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The word "seeds" in example sentences

The stickiness of the fruit and the crunchiness of the seeds is a heavenly combination. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Sandeepa: Nigella seeds is an interesting addition ... ❋ Cardamom (2007)

Still more wonderful is the fact that it is these temporary existences which, in accordance with the general law of life-production, form special "ovules," which we call seeds, each of which has the potentiality for growing up into a great forest tree, which, in its turn, is capable of pushing forth temporary existences in countless directions. ❋ Sydney T. Klein (1893)

Add the cumin seeds and bay leaf and roast them in tho oil until they have darkened and are fragrant. ❋ Laura (2009)

Halloween parties, carving jack-o-lanterns, roasting pumpkin seeds and trick-or-treating are all on the roster. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I think she gets them in the states. curry leaves, lightly fried with onion seeds, sometimes fennugreek seeds is often a base in receipes from this region. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Add the cumin seeds and kalonji seeds and let them fry until aromatic, about 30 seconds. ❋ Laura (2009)

"No Hay." is the mantra of Mexico so I returned home and substituted cumin seeds for caraway seeds and an old garam masala mixture which contains a bit of ground coriander seed and made this exotic dish with substituted ingredients which, I must say, turned out pretty well and that, in the past decade, I have found, gets me through when I feel the urge to cook exotic foods in Mexico. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Here, the white bags contain seeds of different varieties of Brachiaria. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In the mid-Atlantic, pumpkin seeds are planted each year in mid-to-late June, early July at the latest. ❋ Ann Posegate (2010)

After going through seven avocados, 14 tomatoes, 21 cloves of garlic, a pound of cilantro, countless cumin seeds and chunks of rock salt, you finally admit to yourself that your salsas still have grit in them. ❋ Homesick Texan (2009)

Pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are cheaper than nuts. ❋ Lisa Turner (2010)

Smash into the molcajete some garlic, cumin seeds, rock salt and cilantro. ❋ Homesick Texan (2009)

My botanical knowledge, especially when it comes to identifying plants from their seeds, is pitifully poor. ❋ AYDIN (2009)

I'm out of cumin seeds but need to make this ASAP. ❋ Homesick Texan (2009)

How about individual boxes of raisins, or little bags of pumpkin seeds? ❋ Janice Taylor (2010)

Dude this [weed] has to many seeds and they [give] u [ball cancer]. ❋ Mike H (2005)

[Pass] the seeds, [bitches]. ❋ Kris (2004)

[The seed] of [a random] number [generator] is usually time. ❋ Resorath (2004)

[Derek] [Wolf] [Planted] his seed in his wife. She accepted all of his seed. His seed is growing. ❋ Deez (2003)

"[Brady Quinn] fucked me good last night, so [fucking good], was an awesome [seeding], he owns me" ❋ Brady's Bitch (2009)

Is that your seed [in her] [belly]? ❋ CErTiFiEd (2004)

Seeding [at least] what you take is [important], that is why it is called "[file sharing]." ❋ Asus2000 (2011)

"I repeat if I die [My seed] will be ill like me." - [Ghostface Killah's] part in "7th Chamber" by [Wu-Tang Clan] ❋ FlyAway (2011)

My [seeds] are [wif] their [moms] now. ❋ G Did He (2003)

[Alfred]:[Yo bra] guess what?I just [seeded] my girlfriend Candy!She has no choice but to marry me now! Adrian:That's just awesome bra. But, I did something much more awesome than you. I seeded the black girl Monique, ima have a black kid to play for the NBA biatch!! Alfred:Dude, that's just gross. ❋ Seeda24 (2012)

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