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What does the word seesawing mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word seesawing in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with seesawing and anagrams of seesawing.

Definitions of "seesawing"

  • Present participle of seesaw. verb
  • A rising and falling, like that of a seesaw. noun

The word "seesawing" in example sentences

Thank God the American people realize that we can’t afford this kind of seesawing in response to the day to day changes in the war.. [Firedoglake » Privacy For The Common Good]

Stocks headed firmly south after seesawing between small gains and losses in midday trade, when numbers showed that the U.S. economy grew 2.8% in the final three months of 2011, missing analysts' expectations.. [European Stocks Slip]

Financial stocks are seesawing with the ever-changing news over Europe's bailout status, as investors wonder about how to play off U.S. banks' exposure to their euro-zone cohorts, David Reilly reports on Markets Hub.. [Dow Retreats After Blue-Chip Day]

The rhythmic seesawing of sympathy is invaluably heightened by the five members of a cast directed by Joe Mantello with profound appreciation of the script's depths.. [David Finkle: First Nighter: Jon Robin Baitz's "Other Desert Cities" is Red-Hot]

Traders said seesawing U.S. equities markets, continuing uncertainty about euro-zone sovereign debt and a strengthening dollar were behind the pullback--and contributed to the price swings.. [Crude Slides On Euro-Zone Woes, Dollar Strength]

French bank shares ended higher on Thursday after seesawing through the day amid the negative sentiment on the financial sector and speculation about the fate of France's triple-A rating, though credit-rating agencies say it isn't under review.. [France, Germany Plan Euro Proposals]

World War I and its aftermath created a period of almost continual seesawing, with only one election (1916) seeing fewer than 20 House seats changing hands.. [Revival of Volatility Signals Historic Era in U.S. Politics]

The quarter got off to a slow start as a seesawing stock market, sluggish growth in gross domestic product and a high unemployment rate made chief executives and boards nervous about pursuing deals, which almost always carry a high degree of execution risk.. [M]

On Rabat Street in downtown Sanaa, protesters hurled rocks at one another while chanting slogans, engaging in a raucous seesawing struggle to control the street.. [Fierce clashes unfold in Yemen for a seventh straight day]

The president was right on one point: the reason we keep seeing seesawing energy prices is because we are dependent on high-risk dirty energy that hurts our wallets, our families, and our climate.. [Liz Butler: Will Obama Sell Out the Clean Air Act for a Deal With Congress?]

SINGAPORE—Asian stocks were mostly lower Friday amid seesawing fortunes in Greece's debt saga, while data showing a sharp drop in China's imports added another layer of caution to markets already confronting a dour earnings season.. [Asian Shares Fall on Greece]

How does the dynamic of seesawing between emotional and behavioral extremes get set up?. [Dr. Tian Dayton: Relationship Dynamics Within the Addicted/Traumatized Family System]

This may not be the healthiest approach — the seesawing back and forth is nasty.. [2009 September «]

After seesawing through the summer between gut-wrenching triple-digit selloffs and euphoric triple-digit rallies, the stock market last week appeared to have finally made up its mind.. [Stocks—and Everything Else—Take a Big Fall]

But the much-needed rally, coming in another wild, skittish session that sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average seesawing, did little to erase investors' underlying fear: Can policy makers manage the significant headwinds buffeting European and American economies?. [Rally Masks Real Fears]

The seesawing stock markets, investor flight from Italian and Spanish bonds, the credit downgrade for the U.S. government and fears of a similar downgrade for France and the U.K.—all were fueled by a lack of consensus by policy makers about what steps to take.. [Global Crisis of Confidence]

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@OvechkinsBones Not to be Like That on all ur posts today but disassociating at Target and seesawing between negati…


the hell i’m gonna ride? this would literally be me seesawing on the dick


@radiosportnz: GOLD MEDAL & NZ RECORD for @CyclingNZL team of Racquel Sheath, Bryony Botha, Rushlee Buchanan & Kirstie James in a seesaw…

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  • PronunciationsS IY1 S AO2 IH0 NG
  • Character9
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