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Definitions of "select"

  • To take as a choice from among several; pick out. verb-transitive
  • To make a choice or selection. verb-intransitive
  • Singled out in preference; chosen: a select few. adjective
  • Of special quality or value; choice: select peaches. adjective
  • Of or relating to a lean grade of beef. adjective
  • Careful or refined in making selections; discriminating. adjective
  • One that is chosen in preference to others or because of special value. noun
  • Chosen or preferred items or people considered as a group. Often used with the. noun
  • Privileged, specially selected. adjective
  • Of high quality; top-notch. adjective
  • To choose one or more elements of a set, especially a set of options. verb
  • Taken from a number by preferance; picked out as more valuable or exellent than others; of special value or exellence; nicely chosen; selected; choice. adjective
  • To choose and take from a number; to take by preference from among others; to pick out; to cull. verb-transitive
  • To choose or pick out from a number; pick out; choose: as, to select the best; to select a site for a monument.
  • Synonyms To Elect, Prefer, etc. (see choose), single out, fix upon, pitch upon.
  • To conduct artificial selection methodically. See second quotation under methodical selection, below.
  • Chosen on account of special excellence or fitness; carefully picked or selected; hence, choice; composed of or containing the best, choicest, or most desirable: as, select poems; a select party; a select neighborhood.
  • Careful or fastidious in choice, or in associating with others; exclusive; also, made with or exhibiting carefulness or fastidiousness.
  • = Syn.1. Picked. See choose.

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