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Definitions of "self-reflection"

  • Self-examination; introspection. noun

The word "self-reflection" in example sentences

Ellis said in a statement: "I intend to find time for self-reflection.". [Tin Soldiers]

The sound of the music pressed against the walls and the bodies on the dance floor, drowning out any of my self-reflection bullshit.. [Real wifeys]

A brain stream that is sometimes inspiring, sometimes energising, sometimes dumb and silly, but always for the open-minded person creative in the way that only playful self-reflection and considered world-gazing can be.. [Ballardian » Twitter: Defending the Indefensible]

What this country needs is some self-reflection and competent analysis.. [Is Obama a Terrorist? « Blog]

We launch the series with a gallery of photographs from the life of the Harlem-born novelist, playwright, essayist and activist James Baldwin, who was tireless in his self-reflection and in his examination of what it means to be black, gay and gifted in America.. [James Baldwin In Black And White (Slideshow)]

I'm not sure it works because it's kind of lacking in the whole self-reflection thing.. [intertribal: kick ass]

When the mistake followed positive words, she observed enhanced activity in the anterior medial part of the prefrontal cortex a region that is involved in self-reflection and recollection.. [The Optimism Bias by Tali Sharot: extract]

The road most frequently taken seems all too sadly to be the life of ease, the life without self-reflection, without commitment to our brothers and sisters, without sacrifice for others, a life focused upon our own material comforts that holds sway and that attracts us again and again.. [Rodney L. Taylor, Ph.D.: New Year's Resolution: A Confucian View]

Take the opportunity this year to turn those New Year's resolutions to self-reflection upon and commitment toward what ultimately will bring peace and good will to all humankind.. [Rodney L. Taylor, Ph.D.: New Year's Resolution: A Confucian View]

This statement stunned the Americans in attendance: Israeli society is many things, but lacking in self-reflection isn't one of them.. [Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote]

• March 2011: Mr. Obama returned to his habit of urging Israelis to engage in self-reflection, inviting Jewish community leaders to the White House and instructing them to "search your souls" about Israel's dedication to peace.. [Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote]

In the same meeting with Jewish leaders, Mr. Obama told the group that Israel would need "to engage in serious self-reflection.". [Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote]

Marc Dimov/Patrick McMullan Carolina Gonzalez-Bunster In 2008, the Georgetown University grad left her job at Goldman Sachs in Dubai and headed back to Connecticut for some self-reflection.. [After Accident, a Nonprofit Is Born]

I would also wonder about the absence of self-reflection in a therapist (or the absence of our access to this self-reflection).. [Moral Universes « Tales from the Reading Room]

Jones also wants you to know how that self-reflection changed her as a person.. [Marion Jones Says Sorry As New Book Hits Stores]

Getting to this point has taken time, self-reflection and a conscious quieting of my brain to shut off the stories that play in my head that are rooted in fear.. [Amy Chan: Working It Out Vs. Tossing It Out: Persevering Through Relationship Ups and Downs]

Self Reflection on Social Media

Organic Traffics

@JAMitchell47 do these graphics look familiar. Challenged my student today to do some self-reflection. Thanks…


@realDonaldTrump You should resign. Some self reflection might be good. Spend some time with the boy so he doesn’t…


@JesseLynStoner: Curious about Curiosity #1: Self-Reflection via @Mary_Gelinas


I did a lot of self reflection and digging within, and it made me realize that I truly don’t care and probably never will again


@jonathansmucker: It’d be kinda cool if neoliberal centrists would cop to fact that their candidate won the primary in 2016 and then los…

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