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Hyphenation sem i cir cu lar
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The word "semicircular" in example sentences

Attached to the utricle are three tubes that start and end there, each bending in a semicircle so they are called semicircular canals. ❋ Asimov, Isaac (1963)

The principal charm, however, belongs to the grotto with the river which it discharges -- the site of which may be described as a semicircular termination of a valley on a natural platform half way up a cliff -- the water tumbles down in short cascades for some distance; the grotto inside is untouched by chisel squarings or embellishment, just as Juvenal wished the grot of AEgeria to be. ❋ James Finn (N/A)

At the far end was a kind of semicircular nave with built-in benches, which reminded me of a sauna. ❋ Walter Jon Williams (2006)

To accomplish this, the heated open end of the cylinder is laid horizontally upon a kind of semicircular cradle, and is held there by tongs handled by two men. ❋ Various (N/A)

Thus the Giants 'Tombs of Sardinia all have a concave façade which forms a kind of semicircular court in front of the entrance to the tomb. ❋ Unknown (1908)

Wantley was one of those who preferred chewing and he had been spitting upon the floor to such an extent that he was by this time partly surrounded by a kind of semicircular moat of dark brown spittle. ❋ Robert Tressell (1890)

Wherever the architect makes use of a round-headed opening he reinforces its outlines with a kind of semicircular frieze, to which brilliant colours or bold reliefs would give no little decorative value. ❋ Georges Perrot (1873)

About 14 leagues farther on we came to another cape, the shore between forming a kind of semicircular bay, and the beach was composed of sand thrown up like, a mound or dike, over which the whole country appeared nothing but marshes and pools of water as far as the eye could reach. ❋ Robert Kerr (1784)

This is even revealed by the small, semicircular ducts in the inner ear, which are necessary for the sense of balance required when walking upright. ❋ Ben Hobrink (2011)

She gazed past her desk at the large, semicircular space, at the various chairs and tables and other pieces of elegant furniture scattered throughout the room. ❋ David R. George III (2011)

The semicircular apse fresco depicts Christ's mother Mary draped in a burgundy robe with her arms upraised in a gesture of blessing. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Next thing I knew, we were inside seated at a semicircular ottoman around a low table, with martinis for Dad and Raigh, a Diet Coke for me, and the scent of incense in the air. ❋ Todd Strasser (2011)

The dome structure itself dates back to the Roman Empire, where the semicircular arch was used for creating large openings in walls. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The cradle, which is entered through a long, narrow, gently sloping semicircular passageway, creates an energy of contradiction and inwardness that does indeed balance the factory-like Weese theaters. ❋ Philip Kennicott (2010)

The feeling of a Strangelovian Old Curiosity Shop was reinforced when I first sat down across a conference table from Burr and noticed the rather bizarre backdrop: a semicircular wall of brown cardboard packing boxes that had all been Magic Markered “NUCLEAR WEAPONS SECRETS.” ❋ Ron Rosenbaum (2011)

The current terminal has a semicircular concourse feeding out into four hallways with arrival and departure gates. ❋ Andrew Grossman (2012)

Today, visitors follow a much less strenuous route, beginning at the level of the first cave on the east and moving along a causeway that connects the necklace of sites strung around the semicircular escarpment. ❋ Michael FitzGerald (2011)

His chambers were as I remembered them, from the round stone altar table that sat opposite the entry door, neatly arranged with candles, a bell, his athame, and various other ritual items; to the stacked stone walls and leather seating in-the-round with two plush, armed seats across from each other and two armless semicircular couches. ❋ Linda Robertson (2011)

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