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Definitions of "sentiments"

  • Plural form of sentiment. noun

The word "sentiments" in example sentences

There again are the sentiments I have expressed in regard to the Declaration of Independence upon a former occasion, —sentiments which have been put in print and read wherever anybody cared to know what so humble an individual as myself chose to say in regard to it.. [Last Joint Debate, at Alton. Mr. Lincoln's Reply]

Those sentiments of love, which fathers and mothers have for their children -- those feelings of affection, which children, with good inclinations, bear towards their parents, are by no means _innate sentiments_; they are nothing more, than the effect of experience, of reflection, of habit, in souls of sensibility.. [The System of Nature, Volume 1]

The sentiments he has expressed in a note termed cynical, as well as the misanthropical expressions to be found in his first poems, _are not at all his natural sentiments_. ". [Lord Byron jugé par les témoins de sa vie. English]

-- Rather, as the parallelism requires, "a man of integrity in sentiments is with thee" (is he with whom thou hast to do).. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

And of course, you cannot directly copy/paste McCain/Palin "sentiments", as they are likely to draw the attention of the moderator to your commentary.. [It’s the Turnout, Stupid. - Swampland -]

Readers may judge for themselves whether it is Shakespearean in sentiments or literary merit.. [Shakespeare Controversies]

Matthew Gilson Joseph Epstein Perhaps with this last reference he is playing off a quote from Saint-Simon: "Mme de Saint Simon, all goodness, tried in vain to check our most outrageous utterances, but the brakes were off and there ensued the most fearful struggle between the expression of sentiments that, humanly speaking, were quite natural, and the sensations that they were not altogether Christian.". [Boulevardier's Delight]

What never fails to impress me about the constant expression of such sentiments from the people close to or at the levers of power is the seemingly casual acceptance of killing a bunch of innocent people.. [A Casual Acceptance of Murder | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

How someone could suggest that the Republicans might harbor major racist sentiments is a shock to me!. [Georgia congressman: Wilson's outburst 'carefully calculated']

As always Jules -- beautiful sentiments from a beautiful woman!. [rencontre - French Word-A-Day]

We must echo the sentiments from a blogger named Chris on May 5th.. [Polls: Clinton and Obama each in store for a win?]

Fine sentiments from the last two, but those who get a SPP, me included, wont work to rule cos my SPP has allready been spent by her indoors on a holiday fer the family next year … I dont know about you or anyone else, but I find it difficult to deny the plain fact that we are all totally and utterly powerless and the federation are utterly useless.. [Police Pay Award (Lose the smiles) « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

However, with frozen bank accounts and increasingly disparaging sentiments from the government, we are locked in inaction.. [Wanderlustress:]

It's aroused certain sentiments of the Muslim world, and then the responses, the latest phenomena of explosives, more frequent for bombs and suicide bombings.. [09/25/2004]

Most of you've probably already seen this by now ... only addition I might add to these sentiments is to remember the satisfaction of relieving myself into the urinal at some airbase or another where. [Emery - urban legends]

"It is rare, madam," I said, "to hear such sentiments from a Southern lady -- one reared among slaves.". [Among the Pines or, South in Secession Time]

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