Character 14
Hyphenation se qua cious ness
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The word "sequaciousness" in example sentences

If it be said that it is manifestly unfair to compare a mystical writer like Emerson with a polemical or historical one, I am not concerned to answer the objection, for let the comparison be made with whom you will, the unparalleled non-sequaciousness of Emerson is as certain as the ❋ Augustine Birrell (1891)

The brutally healthy boy contemns the female sex because he sees it incapable of his own athletic sports, but Godwin was one of those upon whose awaking intellect is forced a perception of the brain-defect so general in women when they are taught few of life's graces and none of its serious concerns, -- their paltry prepossessions, their vulgar sequaciousness, their invincible ignorance, their absorption in a petty self. ❋ George Gissing (1880)

Dryden had within him a principle of continuity which was not satisfied without lingering upon his own thoughts, brooding over them, and oftentimes pursuing them through their unlinkings with the _sequaciousness_ (pardon ❋ R. Brimley Johnson (1899)

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